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Bible study with Ava my best friend!

Donated money to help family member do IVF.

I couldn’t agree more with Richard. Mike, you took us to new heights that I didn’t think was possible. Thank you !
-Dave McGann

I certainly agree and am so thankful for the work you have done, Mike! You have truly been a blessing to Feed Spokane and impacted MANY, MANY people along the way!

I have been continually amazed by your energy and commitment to Feed Spokane. Your success has been remarkable. You have accomplished far more than could be expected and taken the organization to a new level that will be a challenge to sustain.

God bless you and your family.


I will say it again exactly the way I said it before sir;

Thank you from all of us Mike, GOD used you in so many amazing ways here and because you were willing, and never had a “shut off” button, Feed Spokane, the BOD, Volunteers, Coalition Members, and mostly our food insecure community has benefited and will continue to benefit from your new found relationships ( Food Rescue & Coalition Members ) and HUSTLE during the past 18 months.

Thank you again for LEAVING us BETTER. ( PERIOD)

And your willingness to EXIT your position Professionally, Thoughtfully, and Graciously Mike.

I could go on and on. We love you and appreciate you bro! -Kirby Brown

Mike, Although I haven't been around the group long enough to see all of the amazing progress that you have made with the organization, I will continue to be blessed with your presence at Victory Faith. Much Love Brother !!

Dear Mike,

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done to help Feed Spokane improve our organization and strengthen our community over the past 19 months.

Your dedication and hard work have been an inspiration to me and made a significant impact on the lives of so many people in our community. Your contributions to our community will not be forgotten.

I want you to know that we will be praying for you as you embark on your next adventure.

Thank you again for everything you have done for Feed Spokane and our community.

God bless & Godspeed,
Andy D

Presenting this Coin to Mike Clinesmith:
In humble gratitude for your unfailing commitment to ensure hungry people get fed during your tenure at Feed Spokane, I am presenting you with this Butterfly Coin. Your dedication to rescue and distribute food to those in need in our community has increased the volume of food we have been able to get to those who need it most far beyond what we thought possible. Your heart for the work has been a blessing to all who have worked with you and we are most grateful for the things you have taught us and where you have brought us. May this coin remind you of what is possible when you say “Yes” to your calling. May the memories inspire you as you travel the next leg of your journey, and the friendships you have made continue to cheer you on your way. You have inspired us and made us better.

God Bless you as you go. You will be missed.

Most Sincerely,

Feed Spokane Board of Directors

i just found this coin in my drawer. im giving it to coworker.

Thank you Linda. I have enjoyed looking at it every day! I have decided to "fly" it forward to Ashley, my grandsons sweet girlfriend who I cherish as an "adopted: granddaughter! She is learning to enjoy so much nature in northern Nevada !

I gave this coin to an oncology patient who has always brightened my day with her positive attitude, sense of humor and stories and photos of her family.

My daughter Colleen started the journey of this coin a few years ago. Well actually, she was the first recipient of the coin from her friend, Betty. Colleen hung onto the coin for years as it reminded her of the only man she really ever loved.
Colleen was diagnosed in October 2019 with breast cancer. She fought with chemo treatments and a mastectomy, only to learn the following year that there were now cancer cells in the other breast. She quickly had the other breast removed as well. She went through the pains of reconstruction surgeries only to learn a year later that the cancer had once again returned in her lymph node and was now inoperable. She was given the option of treating with medication, but the diagnosis was terminal. She researched her options and decided to live her best life with the time she had left. They gave her 6-9 months. She lived 18 months.
Colleen had a best friend in high school, TINille. They were typical high school friends, spending time and making memories, they managed to get into all sorts of trouble together, as high school girls usually do. (Not unlike her mother) They were together when Colleen met Joe Carroll, the man she would eventually marry. Although the marriage didn't last, She never lost the love that she had for him. Joe died shortly after the divorce and this is when she first got this coin.
After reconnecting with TiNille, Colleen gave the coin to her.
After Colleen passed on from this earthly life, TiNille sent me the coin as a comfort and to remind me of the love Colleen had for her friends and family. I am not quite ready to part with it. The day will come and the thoughts of her won't be so raw. When that day arrives, I will share it with another. I miss you baby girl. Thank you TiNille for being her friend and loving our family.

I am so grateful to be the new recipient of this special coin as a gift from Dave Evans. I believe there are no coincidences in life, and the chance that our paths should have crossed was rare. I've taught a course on "Saving the Monarchy" at Red Butte Gardens for about six years now, with hundreds of people taking the course. Had Dave not followed up with an email, which led to a phone conversation - this endearing friendship would never have happened. I will cherish it until I know the right person to gift it to next.

We got these coins as a gift from our aunt or Melissa’s (my mom) sister (see other story). We were going through my brother’s stuff when we found this coin, he was going to trash it until I told him I’ll take it, to give to someone else. That’s my butterfly coin story.

My dear friend Colleen passed away today, July 29,2023. She lives on in this coin she gifted me almost 6months ago.
I will hold onto the memory of her smile, her laughter and most of all her kind soul.
Colleen had a rough life and suffered greatly through accidents, surgeries, cancer, and so much more. She was the epitome of a woman with grit, determination and a rock hard faith in good things to come.
She lived six more months than the doctors predicted she would. I’m so proud of her determination to prove them wrong and have the strength to carry on even when it felt impossible. She has taught me that even through our greatest challenges, you will overcome.
I love you Leeny.
Tini and Leeny forever.
Fly free with the butterflies beautiful friend.

I have decided to pass this coin to her mother, Shari. For all her care and love and strength and amazing ability to be a caregiver for her daughter in such an incredible way. You are an example to all of us. I’m so sorry for your loss of your little girl. May you always remember her when you hold this coin in your hand. I love you!

I received this coin through a yard sale in Marlow, Oklahoma. I believe the owner has passed. I carry it with me to be able to pass it on so the story can move forward.

I received this coin from one of my oncology patients. What I gift to know I made an impact on someone’s life.

Hey babygirl guess what?? I’m I’m Tennessee with uncle Nick and Prestin, for P’s basketball tournament it’s a national tournament so it’s exciting and also the trip so much fun! We went through Wisconsin and Illinois then Kentucky (which was a surprise lol) then crossed the border into Tennessee and we are in the city of Clarksville! Prestin’s first game is about to start so I’ll update you after! Te amo mucho mi amor!!
Ps please give me and his team the wings to fly and win and play with heart and soul and have the best time ever! Thanks little mamas you are the best XOXOXOXOXOX

Passing along this coin to my oncology nurse. She was caring, honest and devoted to my recovery.

This coin changed hands in the department it originated in. Soon, it will move on to a different department as the new owner goes on her new adventure.

Mi amor, I can’t wait to tell you all about our Fourth of July trip to Nebraska to see the family! I miss you and love you so much. Me and auntie Jennie and June and uncle Sergio and Shirley are driving back home to Mn now. I thought about you every second babygirl. It rained yesterday but I saw a rainbow 🌈 and 2 butterflies🦋one white one 🥰and one big monarch 🦋💜 The fireworks were spectacular but I bet you had the best view from heaven 💜 te amo mucho!

My dear Godmother Shirley will always be remembered and in my heart. I've been holding on to this coin because I didnt want to let go, maybe I wasn't ready or had a reason to pass it on? I know now that my good friend Karen could use a big hug and know she is loved. Karen let this coin be a reminder that your parents will always be by your side. Their love and your love for them will continue on. Forever in our hearts💕
Peace and love, Kathy

I got this from a hitchhiker named Bear. Gave him a couple of rides and got him and his friends a few meals. We ended up hanging out together 2 seperate days. I went camping with them. They were truely awesome people. I feel lucky to of met them and look forward to one day passing this coin on.

I received this coin from Brad Grimm. Brad is an amazing man with the passion for milkweed and monarch butterflies. I have acquired about 18 acres of marshy natural springs. I am blessed to on the land of two of these springs. And have great relationships with others that also own a few of the springs. Brad and Rachel Taylor put together a group of volunteers. And we planted about 1500 milkweed. I have decided who to pass the coin along to. But I will post later once I have passed the coin along to her. Thank you again Brad.

My aunt gave me this butterfly coin as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. She is someone who values kindness above all else and brings that side out in others as well. She gifted her nieces these coins as a kindness reminder. She never got the chance to leave her story so I thought I’d leave it for her :)

Ich habe die Coin im Geocache "7 Leben" gefunden und werde sie bald weitergeben, vermutlich wieder in einem Geocache.

Thank you for taking initiative on a project that I am passionate to help you with. Harmony can be found in the actions taken today. Harmony will also be seen for generations to come as a result of your actions.

Die Münze ist jetzt Geocashing Versteck 7 Leben. Sie bringt jedem Glück, der Sie mal in den Händen hält. Über eine weitere Reise freut sie sich und über eure Einträge freue ich mich sehr.
viel Glück 😍

This coin is making its way to BJ, in appreciation for all she does for everyone every day! We hope this coin brings a smile and reminds her to take time to see the beauty and wonder in nature all around us.

BJ - you can keep the coin forever or as long as you want, and/or gift it to someone special and watch it 'fly' via this website.

Wishing you the best always!


After 3 years I am passing this coin onto Courtney Garland as a personal recognition for the amazing and selfless work she has done for Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital, especially on our journey to AAHA accreditation. Her dedication does not go unnoticed and I am so grateful to have her as part of my team and to count her as a friend. Words are not enough to show her how valued she is but I hope she knows that she is priceless!
- Wylie

It was passed on to us at dunkin

I received this coin from a former student. She emanates kindness everywhere she goes! She’s one of those students teachers never forget! I feel honored and blessed to have received this coin! I will pass it on to someone who brings joy to everyday!

I received this coin from such an amazing girl. Maybe we don't know each other for a long time but she is extremely nice and helpful person.You can always count on her and you feel extremely comfortable like you know her your whole life. This coin well give me strength for the future.

My best friend gave me this coin at school, I’m going to share it with my cousins who I don’t get to see very much.

The coin stayed at the Food Bank over the holidays.
Many generous energies coming and going.
It is now going to be passed on to a very kind and generous person who is out helping others in the community.

The coin came from my wife who gave it to our granddaughter. She never used it and gave it to me.

I met a lady today in her 70’s who is still working and does not expect to be able to retire. She washes, dries, and folds people’s clothing. She was very helpful so I struck up a conversation with her.

We talked about our children and grandchildren and she told me how she had raised several of her grandchildren. One in particular was very difficult but has become a wonderful person and mother. Anyway when I left I handed her $50 and the coin, hoping to brighten her day. She seemed very surprised and touched.

My best friend Betty gifted this gorgeous butterfly coin to me after my ex-husband passed away in 2017. Betty is a truly amazing woman, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. She would give you literally anything you are in need of, even if it would make HER struggle because of it. And she does not ever expect anything in return except friendship, love and respect. I have known her for 20+ years and wouldn't trade a single day of knowing her for anything in the world!

Butterflies always remind me of Joe. And his favorite color was blue. Having a coin with this blue butterfly was the perfect fit for me. I have held onto it for almost six years now, as it made me think of him. I currently have terminal cancer with an unknown number of days/months/years left. The doctors said they expected I would have 6-9 months left. January 15th, 2023 was the 9 month mark, and I passed it right on by. Every day going forward is a win!

I have decided to pass on this coin to my high school bestie, TiNille. I met her when I first moved to Leavenworth, WA in 1993, and from that day we were connected. We have amazing memories together including; sneaking out during sleepovers for some raspberry filled powdered donuts, cheerleading together under the Friday night lights, Summer camp, ditching school, etc.

We lost touch, as many do after high school. But she has always been there. And we always pick up...right where we left off. One week, one year, one decade. She is a true friend.

TiNille recently came to visit me from her home in California. We had a wonderful weekend making new memories and reliving old ones. I will never forget your kindness and love, TiNi. ❤️

I hope this coin brings her happiness and memories of our friendship. And I hope someday, she will pass it on and do something kind for another human.

Be good to eachother. Be kind. Love your fellow humans. If you find yourself in a position to help for their gas/groceries/diapers/etc. You never know when you may be in a position of needing something someday. If you are, hopefully someone will be there to help YOU out.

p.s. Always say "I love you!"

This coin got to my hands from someone very special... Someone with great, kind heart, who made a major difference in my life. She helped me with opening up and seeing world and myself through different perspective. We shared our stories about Blue Butterfly...
I am forever grateful to this beautiful person and will hold her in my thoughts and heart forever....

Received this meaningful coin from dear friends that I happened to meet by chance through our mutual love of dogs. I have had this coin for three years and it has helped and guided me through some hard times that life throws your way.
I am passing it on so that this 'butterfly' may help others who are always kind in heart. Thank you.

So, my Mawmaw got it for me before I left and moved with my family to Washington State. I love you Mawmaw

My name is Sky Parriott and I received a Butterfly Coin from my friend Doug.

I received this coin from a coworker, who was instructed to give to me so I could give it to my husband by one of his former coworkers (lol)

Our friend Debbie Dick gave us this at Christmas!
Thank you Deb! We'll pass ot on!

Gave this coin to Deb and she kindly passed it back with our lovely Christmas gift, I will pass it on at the food bank when I drop the generous donation that people made, thank you lymoon, Ravi, joanne

I've held on to this coin long enough and have found the perfect person to pass it on to. During the pandemic Bitsy D. was one of many Zumba instructors to teach via social media but Bitsy choose to teach on zoom free of charge to all of her students. But now that "lockdown" has been over for quite some time she not only has her home life, her work life, teaching Zumba at a health facility, she is one of the only instructors I know that continues to teach over Zoom and it's still free to all her students. And that's just one of the many acts of kindness Bitsy has done.

Received my coin as a Christmas present from my sister Deb. I think Deb and myself will "Be the Good" together, coming up with ideas of how to do this the best. Once we decide on what we are going to do, I will come back and update this story. Some choices are: helping a homeless person or helping a low income elderly person.

I just bought this coin from a thrift store. I love butterflies and they are one of my spirit animals. I saw this coin and I thought it was so cute and I love the name of the butterfly effect. One small thing can make such a big effect on us. That’s the butterfly effect. I love to give back I had to get it. I’m not sure yet who I’m going to pass it to next but it will be someone who has a good spirit as well. I love to give back and help the world that’s why we’re here. Always remember to do good and be the light. Butterflies are so beautiful I remember this story. Everyone in the world can see a butterflies wings but Itself. The whole world gets to enjoy its beauty but then. Imagine you can’t even see your own beauty in yourself that the world sees. But it still continues to carry on. You have such a impact on this world

This coin is for Sharon and Randy. Let’s make our world a better place for everyone no matter our beliefs, culture, gender, or differences. Even the smallest kindness can change the course of the future.

THEre is
the world.

Please use this butterfly coin to be the good in our world!

It's very important to me to try to make our world a better place for everyone no matter our beliefs, culture, gender, or differences. Even the smallest kindness can change the course of the future.

THEre is
the world.

Please use this butterfly coin to be the good in our world!

My name is Maddie.
My friends band Oceans End made a music video, memories and art here and found this coin. Remember life isnt out to get you, and that life is worth living even when it gives you no immediate reasons. Never give up on your dreams.

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