Stock a little free library
by trillium

I just found out about this when I saw a link about it on the website. I have ordered some coins!
Where I live, there are many little free libraries around town. My favorite random kindness is to take books to the ones that seem a bit neglected. I hate to see them empty! So, next time you see a little library maybe add a book or two.

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This is a wonderful idea!

Welcome, trillium! Glad you're here. Love your favorite random kindness. ❤️

Yep, that is very contagious kindness. I know we have books in our homes that still look good but we do not use anymore, better have them donated to these libraries than seeing it rotting in our homes. But we should also consider books that still look good though.
Great work!

I found this site through bookcrossing as well. I'll be sure to stock a few with you in mind. :)

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