First coin shipments are starting to arrive in the hands of buyers
by Ron

Early feedback is good! Here is an example:

"Yep just got them!!! Very well made! Great Quality"


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Just got these and I am so excited. My first coin is going to be a reverse release to a woman who has dedicated herself to helping families in our low income, rural community. I love and admire her so much and I am sure it won't take long for my first coin to be re-released. Then I have three more to carry with me and share. I can't wait!!!!

I got mine in the mail this week. They were a lot bigger than I thought. A collegue fell in love with the one I borught to work. Perhaps I have to do something for her so she can have one. But she might keep it because it is so nice looking.

I got mine today...thanks! They are lovely and very well made.
One quick question: do you give them with the paper attached or is that for me to keep. I am sure there's a forum post that will give me some of the other answers to the questions I have.

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