Little Free Pantry
by JustinTerrytown

There are Little Free Pantries in the New Orleans area. There is one in Algiers Point called the Algiers Point Free Lil Pantry that I often donate food too.

I am thinking if you donate food to a Little Free Pantry, you might also want to leave one of the Butterfly Coins in it.

If you do not know what the Little Free Pantry is, the Little Free Pantry web-site is

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I learned about little free pantries from your post. Today I converted part of my little free library into a pantry. I had been feeling discouraged by people taking all the books to sell, and I didn’t like getting into a negative mind set over something that’s supposed to be “no strings attached.” Especially since I know that probably, anyone taking books to sell probably really needs the money. Getting the idea (from you) to put food & toiletries out with the books has really helped turn a negative into a positive. And the neighbor I talked to about it today is also excited & promised to add to my pantry.

Great idea JustinTerrytown, thanks for sharing it!

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