Username Field Dysfunctioning
by 1crzy8ball

1crzy8ball is my user name through out my accounts, apps, and as well as emails & sites. There is not one error let alone 2 errors, within your stipulations, that would cause the user name field to become ... ah... rather .. ah... quite nefariously dysfunctional with sever dyslexia ..🤭. I tried several ways, even used cats1crzy8ball, but yet again this 8ball was nafariously blocked from success. Thank God, I'm a persistence lil' pest, almost left site, just used my FB acct..
✌🏽❤️&🌜shine , 🐾

2 replies

Ok, I fixed it for ya, thanks for the bug report, and sorry about that!

Yeah, apparently we have a rule against starting a username with a number somewhere in our code. Hang on a bit, I'll fix the code and change your username for you. :)

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