New 30-second video - Kindness Has A Journey
by Ron

Our friend and documentary filmmaker Troy Greenwood made this video. Please Like and Share widely:


3 replies

I love these so much I purchased 8 of them. I am so excited to o on this journey. We need this . We need to concentrate on love and kindness. Thank you for coming up with this incredible idea.

I am so excited to be starting this journey. I purchased four of the most beautiful coins to release in Huntsville Arkansas and I cannot wait to see where they go!!!

I purchased 3 coins to give to my sons and my daughter in law along with the money left in my moms savings account upon her death. Mom could never afford to buy Christmas presents for her Grandkids and it always bothered her. So this year i put her remaining money into Christmas cards and gave it to her 5 Grandkids for Christmas from Mom.

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