Hashtags for Kindness
by pinkchaos12

I saw this on another post by a forum member and had to snag it... imagine if we added this to our comments wherever we post (facebook, twitter etc.) about doing selfless things for others. Let's create more awareness and spread kindness around like confetti. :)

#butterflyeffect #DoGood&FlyOn #payitforward
#butterflycoins #RandomActsofKindness

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Great idea! I would add #butterflycoins to that list, as it may get someone to Google it where we are the top search result.

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I would add #RandomActsofKindness also ******so all of them*********

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Thanks, that´s one of the best Ideas! I´ll do that. #butterflycoins is my favourite.

I tried #DoGood&FlyOn in Twitter, but the & is not good in between the tag ends befor the & sign.

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