Hello from Sweden!
by elis

I'm not much for introduction forums but I'll give it a try. I'm from Sweden, in my mid forties, two children and very little time.

I am an avid bookcrosser and wanted to give this a try too. Doing acts of kindness is something I try to do everyday. This however is taking it to another level and way out of my comfort zone. Not so much the act of kindness itself but rather claiming credit for it by giving a coin to someone. It is not very Swedish to step up and say "I did this good deed".

The coins are beautiful. I bought ten and hope to have them all sent out during the year to give me reason to buy 2019's edition too. It is difficult to part with them though. They are that beautiful. I gave one to my son to remind him to do good onto others - but I think he will not want to part with the coin. But perhaps it will remind him anyway.

How is that for an introduction - a half essay on other thoughts rather than introducing myself. At least the thoughts were sort of on topic.

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Welcome, elis! I’m glad you’re here. :)

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