Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Box
by LoneStarLori

I am creating my first ever RAK Challenge Box. In this box will be 10 bags of all sorts of fun items, candy and or a craft item I have made. I will mail this box to a friend and challenge them to leave them in places that they go. I would like them to take a picture of each placement and post it on their social media. In return they will get a Butterfly Coin. I hope this gives others fun and easy ways to share love and kindness.

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Here are a few ideas of items in this box: silly, cute, sparkly key chains with RAK written in ink on the back. A sandwich bag filled with a papercrafted card or tag, sample hand lotion or chapstick, jewely charms that I get on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, candy and other cute items I find.

2 Replies

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