Air Traffic Controllers (and people affected by shutdown)
by trillium

today on an interview I heard some one describe the air traffic controllers who have been working without pay during the current government shutdown as "demoralized". I started thinking about ways to let these people (and others affected by the shutdown~ like the Coast Guard) know that they are appreciated and their stress is acknowledged. I'm still working on what I personally can do, but am writing this to plant the idea in other minds. If you are a service provider, like a massage therapist of manicurist or something that makes people feel good but that most folks would consider a luxury, consider reaching out and offering services to some of these impacted government employees. If you own a business like a restaurant, maybe offer a gift certificate for a meal? And if you have any ideas or if you ARE one of these affected people and have an inside scoop on ways the average fellow citizen could help, please share!

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