Bulk product question
by pdehotel62

I lost my son to an overdose on Oct. 5th, 2014 at the age of 23. That December we had a Monarch butterfly in my house for a period of time. It would land on my husbands shoulder and sit next to me with my morning tea. We feel it was a sign that he was okay and not hurting anymore.
I love this idea, and would love to give one to everyone at our gathering this year in October (it will be five years since he left us this year). I think this would be a wonderful way to honor my son who was one of the most giving people I know. I was amazed to hear how many people he was able to help during his recovery and the stories that I received.

Do you have any bulk pricing for these coins that are doing so much good?
Thank you for your consideration, Patty DeHotel pdehotel62@yahoo.com 732-912-5476

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Hi Patty, thanks for your interest in bulk pricing. We can definitely work with you for quantities of 50 or more coins. Please email us the qty you’re thinking about to hello@butterflycoins.org and we’ll get back with a quote.


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