Golden Goose Mid Star Eternals
by goldengooseron

The idea to share materials for a collaboration was simmering for a while. During the darkest pandemic days in New York, back when we were Cloroxing our vegetables-Sui and Hay were meeting up in the Garment District. Even in the thick of it, we always had this dialogue.

At the Rome Film Fest premiere of Golden Goose Mid Star Eternals, Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan took the concept in opposing directions, with Jolie in a silver Atelier Versace and Chan in black velvet separates from next-gen couturier Sohee Park's fall 2021 collection. Both outfits made their respective leading ladies look stunning, and their beauty was matched by the thoughtful craftsmanship that went into each piece. Jolie's gown utilized deadstock chainmail from the Versace archives, while Chan's Swarovski crystal-embellished top and skirt were created using recycled materials like much of Park's work.

That organic philosophy is evident in one of the first pieces they made, the seaweed bag, which has become one of their most popular items. I wanted to make a Golden Goose Sneakers Sale bag that looks like you're wearing a bowl of grass, but it ended up looking like seaweed, says Bruun. We work with leftover textile waste from production factories, mostly cotton or rayon, and layer it onto the bag.

Dua Lipa is also enjoying herself. She paraded around London this past week in several head-turning looks. The major standout, though, was a fresh Jean Paul Gaultier dress that was both incredibly sheer and incredibly gorgeous.

All dressed up with nowhere to go seems to be the motto for this Golden Goose Sneakers holiday season. But just because our festive gatherings won't involve going out or traveling doesn't mean you should do away with getting dressed up all together. A little bit of glitz goes a long way.

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