Different Method to create Edu email address
by miaharper02

First of all, open the site of Virginia’s community colleges. The captcha will appear at first, solve it. The user ID will be asked, add the ID and sign in with the email. In this, the name and email are asked. For citizens except for the US, the fake address generator is used to make the fake address of the user. You have to write this for later use and click submit.

The second step is to log in and apply. Add the details like the name of the institute and move forward. Many questions are asked in this step like gender, birth date, first name, last name, race, language, and so on. After entering all these you have to submit them.

In this step, the user name and password are provided to the user. You have to make your Edu email id. Log in and use this. If you sign in after making the email ID, you will get the pop-up of an invalid username and password. So you have to make use of it.

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