industrial iot
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Growth forecasts for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) vary greatly depending on how experts define the IoT. However, everyone agrees on its incredible deployment in the coming years. The industrial Internet of Things based on next-generation manufacturing is also called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT can use data from machinery and equipment to transform the processes and systems of today's manufacturing environment; From smart meters and sensors to alarms, IoT devices are flooding into utilities. These industries are using the Internet of Things to analyze real-time data, monitor preventive maintenance equipment and automate remote machines. Industrial IoT solutions are best served with low bandwidth, high performance connections that support increased battery life. Traditional 4G wireless networks offer more power than these use cases require. In addition, IIoT applications require continuous coverage in remote environments where a constant connection can reduce battery power and shorten device lifespan.

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The comprehensive master's program provides training for specialists in several areas: embedded systems software engineering data analysis. Students participate in the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet of things, learn how to create unmanned vehicles, build digital twins and analytics systems.

The Internet of Things is a dynamically developing technology that has a high investment attractiveness and is the foundation for many professions of the future in such industries as energy, retail, healthcare, transport, construction, and others.

The process of creating a software project hardware design softeq company, as well as a discipline that studies design methods. Software design is a special case of product and process design. The purpose of the design is to determine the internal properties of the system and detail its external properties based on the software requirements issued by the customer.

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