Steps To Activate HBO Max On Xbox One
by jhonhillpizza

Here's how you enter the HBO Max code on Xbox One and start:
• To access your Xbox One, locate, install and launch HBO Max.
• You can access HBO Max with your HBO account information.
• Utilize a web browser to visit
• On the web page, enter the code from the screen.
• Click Next.
• Choose a service to connect to.
• Choose your cable provider.
• To activate HBO Max on your Xbox you'll need the username and password of your account with the provider.

[b]What You Need To Do To Activate HBO Max App on Xfinity Flex and X1[/b]

• Go to the Apps menu, then select HBO Max, then click SIGN IN.
• On the screen, you'll see a special activation code.
• To enter this code, go to on your phone or computer.
• The sign-in page will be displayed after you enter the code.
• Log in using you HBO Max or Xfinity TV login information to sign in.
• Follow any additional instructions (if there are any) in the instructions on the screen.
• Your favorite HBO Max content is now accessible to stream.

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