Install IPVanish on Firestick
by Olivia2727

You may already know about the fact that a VPN can unblock the geo-restricted content outside of your country. However, the fun is more when you connect it with any of your streaming platforms. With this article we’re going to discuss with you how can you install IPVanish on Firestick.Does IPVanish Work On Firestick?The short answer is yes, it does, and there’s even a dedicated app for that. However, you need to know that on 1st-gen devices, IPVanish won’t communicate with FireStick properly. It is possible to install and even launch the VPN, but it won’t work the way it should and may even make the streaming device unusable.As the 1st generation, FireStick is too slow for a VPN app (more VPNs for Firestick), you may experience slower download speeds when trying to tunnel your traffic through IPVanish. The 2 generation FireStick was released on the 20 of October, 2016.

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