Escort fucking girl pussy chudai
by meena11

Escort fucking girl pussy chudai

My name is Shubham. I am a resident of Raipur. Friends, this is not a fake story… but a true story of my own. This current Delhi Escorts pussy chudai is three years old from today, then I was 21 years old. At that time my height was 5 feet 8 inches. I also look very attractive. We live in a colony, where earlier every Sunday, the neighbors used to get together and have a small get-together in the society's park. Everyone used to eat together by making something. Together they used to laugh and joke. In those days, leaving 3-4 houses in my neighborhood, a new family came to live. On one Sunday, we invited that family to come too. Uncle Aunty and his two daughters and a younger son were in that family. Both the daughters of Uncle were very beautiful. The name of the younger one was Shivani and the name of the elder one was Srishti. Shivani was my age and the elder one was 4 years older than me. Shivani's body was quite full and lumpy for her age; It seemed to me that this game was a ditch.

If I try, I can get a chance to fuck this running girl's pussy. Our first meeting took place in the same meeting ceremony. After talking to him I came to know that he is new to this city. Shivani has also taken admitted to my own college. I felt very happy to know about Escorts in Delhi and it is so different that this is a good opportunity to be friends with him. That day we made veg pulao. After the food was done, all the elders were gossiping among themselves. I sat beside Shivani and started talking to her. At the beginning of our talk, it was all about the subject from which she is pursuing her studies and what she wants to do next. All this was happening to him that at the same time my younger brother came. He said - what are you talking to didi, brother? Are you setting them? When he said something shamelessly teasing me, it seemed quite awkward for both of us. I immediately handled the matter and after telling the joke made Shivani laugh and ease back.

It was clearly visible in Shivani's eyes that she had started liking me as much as I! We kept talking for a while. Then after some time, everyone started going to their respective homes. His sister called him by voice. So she said to her sister- sister you go, I will come home later.  After listening to him, his sister came to both of us. Raipur Escorts looking at me said to Shivani - do you already know each other? I would just say something that Shivani said – Yes didi, this is Shubham. He studies with me in college. I did not know that he also lives in this colony. After listening to Shivani, I also said yes and her sister started talking to me. After talking for some time, Shivani said to her didi – don't you sit too didi. But his sister looked at me lovingly and said – no, I am going Shivani… you come. When I spread a smile, Shivani's sister told me- Shubham come home. I will sit there and talk to you. I told him ok. I saw a strange pity in the eyes of Shivani's sister. Then she left. By now everyone had left the park. We both sat alone in the park and kept talking. While talking for a long time, suddenly he kissed Escorts in Raipur on my cheek. She came near my ear and said softly - you are really too cute. Because of this, my heart started beating very loudly. This was happening to me for the first time. Now I looked at her, looking at her eyes and talking silently, she was smiling softly.

It was clear from his eyes that now I will kiss him on his lips. She was probably ready for a kiss… Chennai Escorts closed her eyes. I also thought something and courageously brought my lips very close to his lips, but I did not kiss him. Whereas at that time our lips were so close that she must be feeling my hot breath. I didn't touch his lips. I was doing this deliberately to make him warm. He could hear my breath. She was in agony why she could not feel me on her lips. Then she leaned forward, then I fell back a bit. There was also a slight smile on his lips. Then I could not stop and I grabbed his upper lip with my lips and sucked. Escorts in Chennai got a tingle and she started licking her lips with my lips. This was an early kiss. Then it was as if she went crazy. Now I grabbed her lower lip with both my lips and bit her lips with my teeth. She started ahhhhh. We were both going crazy with our first kiss. Now I put my hand in his waist and strongly pulled him closer to me. At first, he was a little scared but he was enjoying it too, so he did not refuse. She was just feeling him, whatever was happening.  Now his feet had come on top of my feet. I had one hand on his waist and with the other, I was holding his neck.

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