What Causes Sim card not provisioned MM#2 Errors?
by charliejohn

Various Reasons so that this type of error message- Sim card not Provisioned mm#2 Error occurs in your device:-

Not Correctly inserted your Sim card.

Issue in your Network Service provide of your sim card.

Using damaged sim card.

Error occur in transfer your contacts into new sim card.

Carrier activation is down during activation of your sim card.

Sim card is not properly inserted.

Cellphone is not compatible with your Sim card.

May be New sim card is locked in your another phone.

May be your sim card is out of Network coverage area of the given network provider.

Read More Here:- https://worldzo.net/sim-not-provisioned-mm2-fixed/

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Either your SIM card is not activated or your SIM card is blocked by your service provider. may appear after the edubirdie review transplant. To use the SIM card, you have to provide the card to the phone. If you don't do this, your phone will keep showing the above message.

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