Generic drugs
by satu12

Modern pharmacology is developing not only in the direction of efficacy but also consistently demonstrated a rise in prices. To get the latest drug from the pharmacological developments, you will have to pay a large amount of money. An alternative to this may be generic. Perhaps you are already using them.
What are generic drugs?

Generics are drugs without a license, but they are identical to the original formulation of the biological, pharmaceutical and therapeutic action. When comparing the generic drug and the original 시알리스 구매, you will see a similar main active ingredient, but different from each other ancillary components.

Generics – a copy of a drug or a fake?

Drawing attention to the definition of generic drugs, this issue should not arise. But still give some explanations.
Counterfeit drugs – this medicine in which the active substance is replaced by a cheaper component through production. Sometimes the manufacturer fakes can put in place of the active substance usual soda or chalk. Forgery – it is not a cure!
Copies of drugs – these are drugs that are produced with patent infringement. It may be identical to the name of the drug or produced during the term of the patent.
Generics in this comparison are the obvious difference. They are absolutely identical to the active substance base material of the original drug.

Why drugs-generics and originals differ in price?

Having developed a new formula for a more efficient 시알리스 구매 development company gets a patent. Further, a number of studies carried out: laboratory and clinical. Thereafter, the drug enters the pharmacological market.
The drug must get to the pharmacological markets of different countries. Each country has its own standards. Pharmacological company-developer will be required to invest heavily in research and testing. These costs will form part of the future cost of the drug. The share of these costs significantly increases the price of modern medicine. The company obtained a patent, and for the use of autocrat. The patent has a limited duration, which may be different in one country or another.

Typically, after the expiry of the patent pharmacological market begins to offer generics. Production of generic drugs available to almost any company. The leader among the companies producing generics, is India. Typically, these companies have a one-sided in its production – only issue generic. Often they are ready to provide all medicines therapeutic group.

The company must comply with the technology of production of the drug, and then prove that the main component of the drug is identical to the main substances in the preparation of the original. This company has been spent on the development of new chemical formula of the drug, it does not conduct clinical trials. A sufficiently large part of the price declines, and because of the lack of need for a comprehensive advertising, marketing research. Consumers are in fact already know about this drug. We can only give the name of the generic drugs, which will be as close as possible to the original.

Generics carry the feature is available. Why pay more? Everyone answers this question in his own way. The main thing – to understand what we save. Be healthy!

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