You Can Overcome Your Shyness With Cialis
by satu12

Redness of the face, trembling in the hands while sitting, talking or doing any work in public; It arises from the fear of doing the wrong thing to humiliate oneself (this is the same as the anxiety of premature ejaculation in sex life) or from being embarrassed or ridiculed. For this reason, the person avoids entering the community in his daily life and avoiding intercourse in his sexual life. He gets depressed when he has to go.

Thanks to the tadalafil active ingredient in 시알리스 구매, it eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation due to this concern with its delaying feature, and therefore, the shyness in sexual intercourse thanks to tadalafil.

In our country, shyness in entering the community, speaking in the community and acting freely in the community is a very common situation.

In fact, there is no bad thing behind shyness. However, shyness can lead to some uneasiness. Because the shy person, by suppressing himself, believes that he has to be someone else. He cannot approach people or be successful in his actions for fear of the thought of wrong behavior in him. Thus, the feeling of shame and shyness causes him to act introverted.

What should be done to overcome shyness?

The most effective method is exposure therapy. In the overcoming method, it is desirable for the person to enter the community in particular, gradually and gradually. The self-confidence of the person who sees that nothing is wrong with himself increases with these go-ahead drills that are made with increasing durations; The need for avoidance is reduced and extinguished.

The same is true in our sexual life. People, events, situations and fears are different, but the generalization and the path are the same. As we mentioned above, if the person has concerns about sexual intercourse (will there be an erection?

That's why we recommend 시알리스 구매 products to you, pumping blood to the penis area helps you to think only about an erection. If we continue to combine it with general life, the following way can be followed to get rid of this shyness:

Stage-1: First of all, it is necessary to overcome the thought of "I can't succeed" in the subconscious. In reality, it's easier for you to casually want to talk to someone you don't know than to approach someone you know. Because, “what does he think of me?” there is no fear. Even a small glance is enough to make friends with someone you don't know.

Stage-2: Develop frequent dialogue with the people around you that you want to be friends with. At this stage, it is necessary to meet people, enter communities as much as possible and look at people. If you want to make friends with the people you meet in the elevator, definitely don't talk so much that you can say "chatter". Get to the point with classic sentences such as "how nice the weather is today", "I'm bored".

Stage-3: Make the decision to ask a question to someone you don't know every day. This is an experiment. To begin with, it is done aimlessly. It may be the neighbor you ask questions, a stranger you meet in the hallway, someone you meet at the stop or while shopping. After a while, you will be experienced enough to talk to someone you meet on the street for the first time.

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