Women's Viagra to buy in a pharmacy or in an online store?
by satu12

Many buyers quite often have a question why it is worth buying women's 비아그라 정품 in an online store, but not in a pharmacy. There are many myths on the Internet about how fakes are sold in online pharmacies, about the sale of bad drugs, and much more. Let's take a look at all the points in this article.

Our online store sells generic women's Viagra. Generics are no different from original drugs. the constituent substances of the drug are exactly the same as those of the original ones. In terms of its action and side effects, generic women's Viagra is no different from its original. Most countries of the world buy generic women's Viagra much more often than the original, even in the most prosperous countries such as the USA, Canada.

Generic women's 비아그라 정품 is an officially approved drug that is produced according to all standards. The release of female generic Viagra is actively taking place in all countries of the world, including Russia.
What is the secret of the low cost of the generic?

As a rule, pharmaceutical companies spend about 10-15 years developing a new drug. Millions of dollars are spent on the production and research of the drug. Companies that produce generic drugs are not involved in the development and research of the drug, the main task of the company is the exact repetition of what was developed before them. These factors contribute to the low cost of the drug.

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