Viagra funny facts
by satu12

It turns out that Viagra, the famous cure for male impotence can be an important assistant in the fight for the protection of rare animal species.

Every year thousands of seals, reindeer, tigers, rhinos and even seahorses and sea cucumbers, give your life to be able healers, shamans and sorceresses to produce potions, ensuring success of men in bed. These alternative treatments are most razprostarneni distributed in China. With the advent of 비아그라 정품, however, the Chinese are beginning to abandon traditional methods of treatment and show greater confidence in Western medicine. This research showed Bill von Hippel, a psychologist at the University of Sydney, Australia, and his brother, Frank von Hippel, a biologist at Univesritetite in Anchorage (Alaska). According to data collected by the two izlsedovateli and published in several consecutive articles in the journal Invayrmental Konsarveyshan emergence and widespread razprstranenie of 비아그라 정품 has led to a reduction in prices and demand for alternative cures for potency. Moreover, it appears that the Chinese are much more likely to trust Western medicine when it comes to erection problems than in diseases such as arthritis, gout and digestive problems. Traditional Chinese remedies such as tiger bone are still predpochtanoto means of coping with the pain before aspirin example. As pointed out by Dr Bill von Hippel, not a word about comparison between the impossibility of erection and headaches!

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