Female Viagra now created
by satu12

Australian scientists test new 비아그라 정품 medicine that will help women to orgasm. Researchers from the University “Monash” in Melbourne claim that the nasal spray named Tefina increases sexual desire of any third wife.
The preparation is a gel with testosterone, which is sprayed into the nose. After a few minutes testosterone is absorbed and acts from two to six hours after ingestion.

How does female viagra

When testosterone ingested through the nose, it enters the blood stream and part of it – directly into the brain. This gives fast desire and arousal.
In this type of application the blood vessels dilate and improves blood circulation in the vaginal area, which increases the chances of orgasm.
Researchers claim that the spray can be used during sexual activity, but it has no side effects associated with the intake of androgens, such as deterioration of the skin, body hair and face or deepening of the voice.
The preparation may be used by women with sexual dysfunction predklimakterium or anorgasmia. It will act as 비아그라 정품, but only for women who can use it in anticipation of sexual activity.
Previous studies indicate that women with low sex drive therapy using testosterone not only improves sexual desire and arousal, but also enhances the ability to experience orgasm.

Anorgasmia in women

About one-third of women suffer from anorgasmia – the inability or difficulty in testing orgasm after prolonged sexual stimulation. So far the only solution to the problem was thought psychosocial and sexual therapy.
The new product will be useful for women for whom sex has become a routine, not a pleasure.
Studies show that women up to 50, who do not get pleasure in bed, often have sexual activity on average 3-5 times a month to maintain harmony in the relationship. They display a low level of satisfaction, irrespective of absence of depression.
A Tefina to pass clinical trials on women with anorgasmia.

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