Viagra helps flowers
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The pill, which helps in erection problems, prolong the life of cut flowers, scientists have discovered. One milligram is enough to keep the plants fresh a week more than usual.

One tablet contains 50 milligrams, which scientists say could double room life.

The pill contains a nitrogen oxide, which slows the withering of the plants. In humans, the same substance relaxes the smooth muscles of blood vessels, thus facilitating the flow of blood and so assist the erection.

Aspirin also prolongs the life of the flowers, but 비아그라 정품 is more effective, so scientists are planning to develop “horticulture version” of the drug.

Q&As about viagra

Viagra” Questions and Answers

Q: What is “Viagra”?
A: “비아그라 정품” is a revolutionary new medication that is taken orally for the recovery of erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction. It works selectively on the penis. This is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac.

Q: Is this drug safe?
A: Yes, but absolute contraindication to the use of “Viagra” is the concomitant use of nitrates, such as nitroglycerin. Viagra has been widely studied over 4500 men prior to its approval by the FDA. The incidence of adverse side effects causing patients to drop out of the studies was equal in patients taking placebo, compared with “Viagra”, 2.5%.

Q: How do Viagra work?
A: It acts by enhancing smooth muscle relaxation in the penis. When an erection occurs, the smooth muscles of the penis and in the arteries of the penis must be reduced. Viagra increases the relaxation, increasing the efficiency of erection. It is likened to stretching a rubber balloon before it explode to more easily inflate. The enzyme that particular drug is working phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), which is almost exclusively found in the penis.

Q: Will drugs cause break all the muscles in the body?
A: no enzyme (PDE-5) is specific for the penis. Viagra is highly specific for the enzyme in the penis. The minimal cross reaction is responsible for the side effects.

Q: What are the side effects?
A: Possible side effects are:
Mild headache – 16%
Flushing – 11%
Digestion – 7%
Runny nose – 7%
Transient visual effects (blue haze) – 3%
Q: Will Viagra affect my visual acuity (blurry vision)?
A: No. This has been extensively tested.

Q: Will Viagra affect my night vision while driving?
A: No. This has been extensively tested.

Q: Are there any serious side effects?
A: Serious side effects are rare. Several recent deaths in patients taking “Viagra”. The exact etiology of those deaths has not been determined. However, caution should be exercised when prescribing “Viagra”. A good history and physical examination is prudent – and remember, no “Viagra” and nitrates. During test trials, the incidence of serious cardiovascular side effects in more than 4500 men studied was equal to placebo and treatment group, less than 2%. There were no deaths in the studies.

Q: Does this drug cause an erection that will not go down (priapism)?
A: No. There were no episodes of priapism in any of the studies. Viagra does not cause an erection without sexual stimulation. It is not like male injections or intraurethral therapy. Its mechanism of action is completely different.

Question: When using injections or urethral suppositories (Muse), sometimes my erection will continue after they have an orgasm. This will happen after the “Viagra”?
A: No. This is one of the remarkable qualities of the pill. This is natural. If there is no sexual stimulation the erection subsides naturally.

Q: Can I use this with my injections of Muse, if they do not work well?
A: No use of “Viagra” with other forms of therapy (injections, Muse, vacuum devices) has not been tested and should be avoided.

Q: Are there any contraindications?
A: Yes. The only contraindication to therapy is the use of nitrates (sublingual nitroglycerin, long acting nitrates, nitrate pastes). Several patients have fainted using nitrates and Viagra because of a drop in blood pressure. If you are unsure whether you are on these medications, talk to your family doctor, internist or cardiologist before taking this medicine.

Q: What about interactions with other medications?
A: No interactions with other drugs, including diabetes, blood thinners, antacids, aspirin or alcohol in volunteers. Cimetidine and erythromycin resulted in increased levels in the blood.

Q: Is there a maximum age?
A: It has been tested and found to be safe in men 85 years.

Q: Is there a minimum age?
A: Yes. Viagra has not been tested in men under 18. He is accused in the pediatric age group.

Q: How do I take it?
A: It should be taken an hour before intercourse. The maximum blood occurs in less than 60 minutes.

Q: Will I get an erection in 60 minutes?
A: No, only works with natural stimulation and intimacy. No stimulation = no erection.

Q: What happens if not used in class?
A: The beneficial effect can be seen only in 8:00. Much of the performance is within the first 4 hours. You will not have an erection if you are not stimulated.

Q: How often can I use it?
A: The recommended frequency usage is once per day.

Q: Is there more than one dose?
O: available doses are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg.

Question: How much should I use?
A: You should use the lowest dose that works. The higher the dose, the greater the potential for adverse reactions. I recommend starting at a dose of 50 mg. Then you can increase or decrease the dose depending on your response.

Q: Can you overdose on drugs?
A: The higher the dose used in the study, the more problematic the side effects were. In some Canadian studies at a dose of 200 mg is used, without improved efficacy and with more side effects. Viagra has been administered in doses 8 times the recommended dose without significant safety concerns.

Q: Will a drug will affect orgasm?
A: No. Viagra depends on stimulation to be effective; orgasms are not affected.

Q: Should I worry if I am trying to have a child?
A: There is no absolute answer to this question and caution is advised. There are several pregnancies during the process, which are not problematic. This particular issue has not been studied in trials. Viagra was not found to have any effect on sperm motility and had no effect on fertility or increased birth defects in animals.

Q: Will they cause cancer?
A: No. Extensive testing in animals showed no evidence of carcinogenic potential in animals.

Q: Will this pill increase my libido (sexual desire)?
A: No Viagra does not affect libido.

Q: Will become more aggressive?
A: No extensive psychological testing has shown no increase in aggressive behavior or desire in men “Viagra”.

Q: How often does it work?
A: The effectiveness of treatment depends on the cause of the problem. If there is serious lack of blood flow of drugs unlikely to work. Overall success with “Viagra” is 70%.

Efficiency in certain medical conditions are as follows:
Psychogenic – 80%
After radical prostatectomy – 40%
Diabetes – 55%
Spinal cord – 60%
Q: What happens if it does not work?
A: Viagra requires sexual excitation to work. You may be too tired or insufficiently sexually excited. If it does not work repeatedly, you should make an appointment to discuss treatment alternatives.

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