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Drug treatments for impotence

Since its introduction in 1998, sildenafil – more widely known under its trade name Viagra – has become one of the most popular drugs on the market. It is the first drug to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) – a problem that affects more than 30 million. Men in the US alone.

Recently, two other preparation – vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis) joined sildenafil and forms a class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors of type 5 (PDE5). Although there are many other drugs last 2 lead the rankings because they are simple, effective and generally – safe.

What are drugs to treat impotence?

비아그라 정품 is a prescription drug that helps men with erectile dysfunction to achieve and maintain an erection. It is usually 1 hour before intercourse. Levitra and Cialis are similar. They differ mainly in the speed and duration of action.

How do they work?

Normal erection is much more complicated than it seems. During sexual arousal, the brain sends signals to the penis via nerves that pass through the spinal cord. These nerves causing a change in the blood vessels, which allow blood to enter, but not to leave the penis. The accumulation of blood in the penis leads to enlargement and hardening. After ejaculation blood vessels in the penis relax, and blood drains out. Any disease or injury that interferes with this process – such as damage to vessels and nerves – can cause erectile dysfunction.

For most men erectile dysfunction is caused by insufficient blood flow to the penis. Inhibitors of PDE5 help, by expanding the blood vessels. They do not cause an erection without sexual / sexual stimulation. After ejaculation penis vavzrashta normal size and condition. Also these drugs have no effect on sexual desire (libido) and do not change the feeling in the penis.

Are effective PDE-inhibitors?

Yes, PDE5-inhibitors are very effective. In some studies, 70% of men have improvement in erectile function after taking one of these medications.

For each person they work?

No. One in three men with mild to severe erectile dysfunction do not respond to Viagra. In some men, not responding to 비아그라 정품 may be an improvement in Levitra or Cialis. Men with more severe impotence have very little chance to be influenced by these drugs. This also applies if the cause is due to nerve damage – associated with diabetes or certain types of prostate surgery. Many men are affected partly by PDE5-inhibitors and are not reimbursed in full erection

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