When Viagra Was hit on the market?
by satu12

In the first three months after the launch of 비아그라 정품 Pfizer pharmaceutical market systems reported nearly 3 million prescriptions for the use of the blue pill. It is interesting to note that in 1990 the drug was produced only one kilogram. When the drug against erectile dysfunction began his career in the pharmaceutical network (in 1998) one kilogram of the drug meets the needs of the world for about 10 minutes. Today each year take more than 45 tons Viagra.
According to an article in the newspaper “New York Times”, the respected urologist Jared Kaminetsi, teaching at New York University has so many requests for prescribing prescription blue pill that the medic was forced to begin to accept and review patients weekends to keep up with demand. When Viagra is the first pharmaceutical market price of one tablet is around $ 10. Analysts said: “The cost of Viagra increases faster than the rate of inflation.” Today the chain pharmacies selling one tablet 23-24 dollars per pill.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States over the years issued two patents for Viagra. One of them (for the active ingredient) expired in 2012, and the other (allows use of the drug only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction) is valid until 2019. Although manufacturers are able to challenge Pfizer’s patent, so generic versions of the drug can be freely distributed in the pharmaceutical market, the court is on the side of those who want approval for the production of generic 비아그라 정품. This trend continued even when the original patent of the drug expires in 2012.

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