Handsome Men Square (Full Version + Extra Chapter)
by MengChu

Min Guo breathed a sigh of relief. "What you think is really thoughtful. You deserve to be the second in command of the underground Dynasty. You are really thoughtful." Shi Hua turned his face away lazily and chuckled, "Each other, each other!" Back to the house, Minguo followed the house slave straight to the room where Ya'er was placed. When I entered the room, the first thing I saw was the old dove that had been punctured. Old Jiu had never seen Meiguo, so he didn't know what kind of person this thin and beautiful young man was, but looking at the attitude of these slaves, he thought he was also a person with a background. Looking at the painting behind her, she recognized it and regretted it, but she didn't see that the'painting 'was dressed up by a man. It was really a wrong fall. Minguo just glanced at her, crossed to the old dove, pointed to the bed behind the screen, and asked knowingly, "Who is she?" The old dove was about to blurt out without knowing, and was swallowed back by Mei Guo's face, "Yes." Yes Rolling his eyes, trying to find the most convincing lie. Min Guo cold hum, also no longer dawdle with her, stopped in front of the screen, took a deep breath, made full psychological preparation, and then turned the screen. The man on the bed was covered with a silk quilt,Adhesive fish ruler, and his head, which was exposed outside the quilt, was wrapped in white cloth. Only two eyes were exposed, and you could see that there was no skin in the eye frame. It was dark and red, and it was very terrible. But this is engaged in cosmetic surgery to the cause of the fruit to also feel what, secretly relieved, did not see her guess of the horror scene. She was in a coma at this time, and did not know the approach of Mei Guo. Minguo went to the bedside and gently uncovered the silk quilt. As soon as she touched her clothes,Fiberglass tape measure, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked directly at her. Her eyes were full of fear and hatred that could not be resolved. On this look, Mei Guo is relieved, this is really Ya'er, only people who have suffered from abuse and torture will have such eyes, full of hostility and fear to anyone. "I want to see your wound, okay?" He said softly. She was so kind to each other that instead of letting the other relax, she gathered a look of vigilance. Minguo smiled at her, a smile she used to use to treat guests, no matter how nervous the guests looked at her smile, they would relax. Sure enough, Ya'er's sharp eyes softened a little. Minguo reached for the sleeve that covered her wrist. As soon as she touched the clothes, Ya'er screamed with extreme fear. Minguo was so frightened that she quickly withdrew her hand, knowing that she had suffered terrible torture and had been branded with deep fear psychologically. It was impossible for her to accept and trust others all of a sudden, thinking that anyone who touched her was trying to harm him. Everything can not be too hasty, withdraw your hand, Walking tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, soft voice comfort, "I will not touch you, you do not be afraid, do not be afraid.." As he spoke, he backed away slowly. Ya'er saw her leave, then slowly stopped shouting, still staring at her tightly with the corner of her eye, keeping alert. Min Guo stands to let her not feel reluctantly safe place, just stop, let a person will fake'Ya'er to bring. 'Ya'er 'Stepped into the door and looked at the old dove that had been left in the corner. His heart missed a beat. He pretended to be calm and turned the screen with the servant. Seeing Ya'er on the bed again, her face changed even more, but she quickly regained her composure and pretended to be puzzled to look at Mei Guo. Fruit will see her change in the eyes, if a person is not a very powerful horn, how can in such a moment can be so calm. Ya'er on the bed is not as calm as she is. At the moment of seeing her, her eyes are enlarged in an instant, and she panics to the extreme. Her body shrinks as far as it can move, and her mouth trembles vaguely, "Don't..." Chapter 282 the blood of the royal family. Ya'er's spirit was extremely stimulated, just vaguely pleading in a low voice, sucking. My blood.. No No Don't suck my blood.. Minguo pricked up her ears to understand what she was saying. She shivered and flew into a rage. These animals, who were worse than pigs and dogs, turned to her and said softly, "Don't be afraid. No one dares to suck your blood here, and no one dares to touch you again." Ya'er turned a deaf ear to her words, still muttering to herself, and slowly her mind began to be a little confused.
Minguo heart can not say the sadness, dark sigh, if Jinrui and Pei see her now like this, I do not know how sad, I am afraid immediately looking for the cold palace snow desperate heart will have. Then he turned his head and asked Ya'er, turning his face lightly on the bed. "Do you recognize her?" Ya'er glanced at the bed and said, "I don't know." When she saw Meiguo whispering softly to the people on the bed, she felt bad, but she would never have thought that her identity had been exposed, nor would she have thought that these people would know that the one on the bed was really Ya'er, because Ya'er's skinning was done in a very covert way, and only Han Gong Xue knew about it except for the skinner and herself. Even the old dove did not know the true identity of Ya'er, but was ordered by the Cold Palace Snow. Even if she lost her life, she could not lose the living and dead. If she lost her life, there would be thousands of extremely painful ways to die waiting for her, so she would risk going back to carry Ya'er away. You really don't recognize it? Mei Guo smiled, to this, but also to pretend, but she has no patience to play games with her, as for what torture is not their own, or save. "Please help me catch her," said Chong Shihua. Shi Hua did not know what she was going to do, but he still did it. He called several servants to hold her down firmly,fish measuring tape, fixed her head on the back of the chair, and did not allow her to move at all. Then he took out a knife from his bosom. This is the same delicate scalpel she used to make for her with Sean. 'Ya'er 'Didn't know what she was going to do, and she was so surprised that she inhaled a lot. Less venting. The chest keeps rising and falling. What are you going to do? Min Guo is close to Ya'er. I'll check you out. Although I don't have the skinning skills of a skinner. The human skin can be completely peeled off. But this small area. I can still do it. Ya'er looked at the bright knife in her hand. I was scared out of a cold sweat. But his face was clasped so tightly that he couldn't play half a minute. He could only open his eyes wide with fear and look at the fruit with an evil smile on his face. Hold it down. Min Guo smiled a little. I really cut the joint in her roots. tapemeasure.net

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