Legends under the dust
by MengChu

"The question is, what good is it?"? If you want to improve the fate of those men, why don't you make laws? It's all Right. What are you doing? Burn incense and kowtow all day long, and then dance with two great gods. What does religion have to do with kowtowing and burning incense? Your understanding is too superficial. Still jump great God, I tell you, those who jump great God are idiots, those who engage in religion are wise men, in the realm, that is the difference between the kite of the sky and the fish of the abyss. Feng Ningning curled his lips and said, "What about wise men? Are so many cults also run by wise men?" "You have to be a madman to engage in a cult. I can't do that." Then you can use the law to restrain you. You live in a legal society and you don't know the role of the law? Besides, what good is it for you to preach? You don't believe in God yourself! Really frustrated, Zhu yuanzhang is right, or the foolish people are easy to deal with, this thoughtful person is difficult to play tricks. Chen Xi raised her head to think that she still had to convince this Feng Ningning first, otherwise there would be trouble if the caliber was inconsistent in the future. Think about it, if you want to make a set of strict laws, with you and me two dilettantes, that's not a donkey year? When will it be time to make the law known to everyone one by one? The day Lily is cold. Besides, is the law of our world sound? Are there fewer criminals? Why are there so many criminals with the law? That's what Kant said, man is a beast without faith. I have always known that there is no Almighty God, because God cannot make a stone that he himself cannot lift. But I still choose to believe in Christ, because I see in it the spirit of solemnity, intimacy, compassion, compassion,Diameter tape measure, love and devotion, which makes man different from animals and does not follow his own desires completely. At the same time, religion is not equal to superstition. The function of successful religion is to suppress the natural characteristics of human beings, support and strengthen their social nature, and emphasize discipline and obedience. It is to maintain this belief that I can always check myself, people can be unruly, but not indulgent, can be arrogant, but not domineering, people can not be saints,tape measure clip, but must not be evil, do you understand? Law is a coercive means from the outside world, while belief is a moral principle of self-restraint. "How many people in the world we live in, in Ningno, in Zisha, even in the south, in every corner we don't know yet, have the ability of self-examination and self-restraint?"? Balzac said that it takes three generations to cultivate an aristocrat. I tell you, it takes three generations to cultivate a civilized person! If you think about our world, how many people, highly educated, still speak, behave and think in a vulgar way? That's because they are educated, but not educated. Education is something that requires nature and environment, including family environment and growth environment. Just as we cultivate Ningnuo's children today, it is not to let them get rid of illiteracy. We must create such an environment, that is, cattle weight tape ,Pi tape measure, civilized behavior, civilized language and civilized thinking. These can not be forced by law, only through religious means can this effect be achieved as soon as possible. Chen Xi stops, let Feng Ningning digest, sigh under the heart at the same time: "This moves the mouth, really her Niang is tired, go, this is also uncivilized, change later!"! Think again, this is my old man to my upbringing, all of a sudden to get rid of this pet phrase is really a bit difficult, just make do with first, change to no one provoked me I will not say! Chen Xi stood there like a javelin, speaking with dignity and dignity, with a dignified and sacred demeanor, which was totally different from the handsome aunt who was usually arrogant and free and unrestrained. Feng Ningning frowned and thought for a long time, feeling that what Chen Xi said was reasonable. First of all, Feng Ningning himself felt the need for self-restraint. Secondly, the blindness of religion was the most convenient way to unify ideas. But, How many wars have been caused by religion in history, and how many civilizations have been destroyed by wars? Now the Middle East can not stop, you think, you make such a thing, a bad is a time bomb! Feng Ningning made a final effort.
Chen Xi was unmoved: "Religion is inevitable in the process of human civilization. If it is not done well, it may become the destroyer of civilization. If it is done well, it can also become the promoter of civilization and progress. At present, in this world, I don't believe that anyone can be more rational, more humane and more enlightened than me. Therefore, I will not wait for others to restrict me." I would rather be saved by myself to restrain others, and my religion must be sufficiently deterrent to the almost barbarian Zisha and the less civilized South. But if you think about it, as soon as you start telling this lie, you have to tell countless lies to cover it up, and this lie has to deceive thousands of people, and maybe it will be passed down from generation to generation and have a far-reaching impact. Wait until one day, watching tens of millions of people worship such a nihilistic God, as the maker of such a fraud, will you feel quite terrible? "So think you are wrong," Chen Xi looked solemn and sanctimonious: "This is not a lie, I do not intend to lie, I just want to tell them a story, or a myth legend, and then establish a moral standard that can restrain all people's behavior, and give them a guiding light on the long road of their lives. When the power of this belief and the feeling of belief are far greater than other emotional forces in human life, civilization comes. This idea can only inspire me, make me feel that our struggle here is meaningful, that all our efforts today will promote human civilization and progress, even if I die tomorrow, the seeds of civilization have been sown. I need this comfort, otherwise I would have given up. You should do the same for yourself. I encourage myself like that? No, it's so serious that I feel depressed. Feng Ningning grinned and said, "No, you can make up this story. I will believe it no matter how you make it up. If you ask me to tell them about hell, I will tell them. Isn't it that the bridge forgets the river? I made it up.". I forget it, I still like more material encouragement, I will continue to look for my beautiful man,Surveyors tape measure, the money or you. Chen Xi choked and rolled his eyes. How can this child be so shameless and righteous? Forget it, don't yell at her, as long as she doesn't object. Chapter 32. tapemeasure.net

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