Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise
by BaoMai

However, it is not a magic secret, but a secret method of refining thunder beads. It is the same kind of treasure as the "Tianleizi" that Han Li got before. Of course, according to the Xuanyin Sutra, once the fire and thunder are successfully refined, the power is amazing. In terms of destructive power alone, it is even above the power of Tiandu Corpse Fire. Its principle is to suppress a large number of pure Yin fire of Xuanyin, and then mix some thunder and lightning power, plus some other materials, using some special means. Curing and stabilizing. Once it is sacrificed to the enemy, it can trigger the fire, thunder and lightning in it at the same time. And then burst and hurt people. It is a pity that thunder beads are disposable consumables, which not only have many restrictions, but also are troublesome to refine, and are extremely difficult to succeed. Only monks who can manipulate the spiritual power of thunder attributes can refine them. So don't say extremely sinister old monster. Even Master Xuangu had never refined such a thing. Han Li did not pay much attention to this secret method when he first saw the Yin Fire and Thunder Refining Method. Although he can manipulate the thunder to ward off evil spirits. But can not what Xuanyin,tile profile factory, nature is swept away. He only practiced several secret arts of Yi learning, such as Yin Demon Chop in Xuanyin Sutra. Now when he had a big headache with the blue lamp flame in front of him, he suddenly thought of this secret method of refining fire and thunder. Originally, refining fire and thunder requires a lot of spiritual power, and the chance of success is not much,aluminum tile edge trim, plus there are few monks who can drive thunder and lightning. Therefore, few people in the realm of cultivating immortals refine this thing. Even if someone refines a few occasionally, it is also because it is a consumable. It will soon be a flash in the pan. Han Li still doesn't know Xuanyin, but with his knowledge and cultivation today, he doesn't have to copy everything in Xuanyin Sutra. As long as the refining method of thunder beads is slightly changed, other thunder beads can also be refined by using ready-made blue flame, which is not a waste. After all, the power of the blue flame is not under its violet sky fire, and the power of refining thunder beads is certainly not under the original version of the earth fire thunder. And he had had the idea of refining thunder beads with dry blue ice flame or even violet sky fire before, but because these two kinds of spiritual flame refining were too little, it was not enough to use against the enemy, aluminium edge trim ,china tile trim, so he dared not waste it on it. The thought was thrown away in a flash. Now facing the blue flame that can't be collected and can't fall to the ground. It would be a great idea to refine it into thunder beads. In this way, in the coming war. This thing can also be his sharp weapon against the enemy. In mind, Han Li immediately rummaged through the storage bag to find other things. When it comes to the material for refining thunder beads. He can really get it from his body. These things are not rare items, but are commonly used in both alchemy and refining. Han Li also prepared some. In this way, he took things out one by one and put them in front of him. Then in the face of the flickering fireball, his expression froze and his hands raised. With a rumbling sound, two golden arcs were ejected from the palm of the hand at the same time, hitting the blue fireball. In the hall where Luoyunzong was stationed, Lv Luo sat motionless on a chair in the hall, with no expression on his face. In front of him stood several Jiedan monks of Luoyunzong, including the old man in red shirt and the woman surnamed Song. It's just that these people look a little anxious. Martial Nephew Duan, how many days has your Martial Uncle Han been in seclusion? Lu Luo suddenly asked faintly. Report to Martial Uncle. Martial Uncle Han has been in the quiet room for more than two months. Younger Martial Sister Song and I have been staying outside the quiet room. Martial Uncle Han has never come out. "Mmm!"! Your Martial Uncle Han once said hello to me when he was in seclusion. He said he wanted to make some preparations for the coming war. We should not disturb his retreat easily. But now the Mulan people seem to have all their hands together and are beginning to stir. We have several high-level parties here. The monks all asked your Martial Uncle Han to attend. But it was all turned down by my excuse. But now the three monks have gathered in Tianyi City, and they have also sent a letter asking Martial Uncle Han to get together tomorrow. This time, however, only the monks in the middle of yuan Ying could attend the meeting. You can see the importance attached to your Martial Uncle Han. It's not good to push it off again. And I estimate that this gathering is the final meeting to decide how to fight. If anyone of us in Luoyunzong attends this meeting. There are a lot of benefits. Lu Luo sighed and murmured. After listening to their Martial Uncle Lv's words. The other people in the hall also had a wry smile on their faces. But Martial Uncle Han must be in seclusion now. If you disturb him easily, will he fall short of success.
"After the woman surnamed Song hesitated for a moment, Jiao Rong flashed the color of worry and said." It was because of this concern that Martial Uncle Lu kept procrastinating. But at tomorrow's party, if Martial Uncle Han doesn't show up again, I'm afraid someone else.. A middle-aged monk with a moustache on his lips said hesitantly. The others, what's wrong? Just then, from outside the hall suddenly came a light voice, the voice is not loud, but it is clear and unusual into everyone's ears. Hearing this, Lv Luo's face was full of joy. Chapter 753 Cloud Dew Old Devil. With the sudden sound, Han Li appeared at the door of the hall and came in calmly. () "Younger Martial Brother Han, it's great that you finally came out of seclusion!" While the other monks bowed to say hello to Han Li, Lu Luo stood up with a big smile to greet him. It was not a complete success. I wanted to continue my retreat. It's just something about the people I admire, so come out and have a look first. It seems that it is really timely to come out this time. Han Li chuckled and said. How interesting! It seems that Younger Martial Brother also heard what Martial Nephew said just now. However, there are a lot of people who want to see Younger Martial Brother recently. Anything else doesn't matter, but tomorrow the three monks personally hosted a high-level gathering, Han Shidi must go to have a look. After all, we, Luoyun Sect, have given out most of our strength this time. I don't want the disciples of this sect to suffer too much damage. Younger Martial Brother,stainless steel tile trim, listen to those people who are in charge. How to arrange this war? Let Elder Martial Brother have some confidence in his heart. Lv Luo said with a dignified face. Well, now that I know about it. I will definitely go to see it tomorrow. I've heard a lot about the three monks. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's party. Han Li promised. Han Li's answer made Lu Luo very happy, and immediately talked with Han Li about some things that had happened in the past two months.

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