Regain the light
by KerryWade

"It's good for the kitten to tell you everything now." "Who am I?" "You are a great man." "You're not bad either. Is it so easy for a magician to be promoted by using this technique on a child?"? Only a magician above level 18 can be regarded as a magician teacher. He doesn't know if he can do it in his life. "A level is easy?" "That's true." Song Cangzi has checked that the A-level task is the task of killing dragons. How awesome that is. What are you making the kitten drink? "Fruit wine." Zhou Linghao added helplessly, "the entrance is sweet and the stamina is very strong." "How dare you pour my friends in front of me?" Song Cangzi began to squeal, "White, watch Vivian." Then amplify the tone, "Dare to drink with me?" She looked directly at the men who had just been drinking. Dare, what's not to dare? Although frightened by Sue's strong momentum, the other side still answered like this, joking, a girl, there are so many people on their side who drink wine. Oh, oh, oh, oh. The people around began to heckle, a rare picture of a girl fighting for a group of men, ah, I do not know what this beauty is like when she is drunk? Just now that big beautiful woman is very easy to get drunk, but her drunk appearance is really nothing to see, even directly lay down to fall asleep,portable gold wash plant, I hope this beautiful woman will have an explosive point. Who's going to pay for the drinks? Or Zhou Linghao asked this sentence, get Song Cangzi appreciation of a look. The bartender began to shout, "Our boss said it was his treat!" Now everyone began to shout crazily, only a few members of the lion's roar in the pub shook their heads sympathetically, "It's really not knowing the depth of heaven and earth to drink with Dionysus." But the voice was so soft that it was not heard by the excited people at all. Boss, put on ten buckets and give each of them a bucket. Song Cangzi shouted out this sentence directly, stimulating people even more crazy,sodium cyanide price, wow, oh, oh, hard enough, the hand is ten barrels. Then he held a bucket in his hand. "Do you want to do it one by one or together?" "One by one." The other side is going to win with the wheel. After all, I've never seen a person who drinks with a bucket as soon as he comes on the stage. He must be a very good drinker, and they're not afraid of losing face. Come on, come on! Everyone shouted vigorously. One person had fallen down here, and Sue poured the wine into her mouth without changing her face. Zhou Linghao knew that she was forced to drink with her internal strength, and he was not worried at all. He could perform a thousand cups without getting drunk now, but his skills were not as strong as Su's. He could only force wine with his hands now, but Su had practiced to force wine with her feet now. Looking at the wet carpet under her feet, Carbon in Pulp ,gold CIP machine, he began to wonder how she could choose the barrel. Because although the barrel was not as big as the beer barrel, it had to be held with both hands, and how to force the wine was clear at a glance, so he just looked at it with a peaceful face. After putting down three, Sue had finished drinking a bucket, threw the bucket directly to the ground, and the bucket broke, without feeling that her strength was so great, everyone noticed that her bucket was really clean, and there was nothing to say. She picked up the new cask of wine. "More!" The person opposite had been a little frightened by her drinking, but she couldn't get off the stage without drinking, and everyone thought that she couldn't drink like this all the time, so someone stood opposite her. After three barrels, the nine people all turned over, and the boss inside knew that such a grand occasion had come out specially to see, and sent more wine, "Is there anyone else to challenge, let's all go together!" Song Cangzi looked at the people below eager to try, directly shouted out this sentence, in order to let everyone see clearly, she has now stood on the table. But as soon as she kicked the table, she made a crack, and she stepped on the crack, so that even if someone got into the table, she would think it was the water leaking from the wine barrel that had been turned over on the table. She made a big deal today and was in a good mood. Besides, she would start tomorrow. There was no entertainment on the short road behind her, so she broke out here. The people in the tavern all exploded when they heard this sentence. How could a man be so despised? Let's go with a man! There are also many people who, because they can't squeeze in, are bitterly waiting for people to come down so that they can take over.
Zhou Linghao looked at the enthusiastic boss next to him. "Do you regret the free wine today?" The boss shook his head, "How many times can a person see such a big scene in his life?" Zhou Linghao had no way to understand, because such scenes were staged almost every night a while ago, so he also did not know that this scene would later become a legendary story, passed down from generation to generation. The boss sees him indissoluble, ask casually, "is Sue your woman?" When the two of them talked together, there was a kind of aura that no one could get in, and the kitten kept drinking because she found this. Yes Zhou Linghao boldly admitted that the woman on the table was the one he liked. It was not until this moment that he finally admitted this. The way she threw her hair off the barrel was so damn charming. If he could, he would hide her well and not let other men covet her again. You are really a hero among women. You have a good eye. "That is." Zhou Linghao nodded. If I were thirty years younger, I would ride after her. "Then you can't beat me." "That's not necessarily true. I was a handsome man when I was young." Zhou Linghao looked at the middle-aged beer-bellied boss speechless, all the old people were beautiful or handsome when they were young, he did not refute,coltan ore processing, just looked up at the woman drinking above. The boss also looked up attentively, the girl's big mouthful of drinking made her whole person shine, and the young publicity made people unable to bear to look at her.

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