Quickly wear the life of a big belly
by Cesare

After Gu Ziang completed the conversion of all the energy, the whole person seemed to be fished out of the water, and his hand around Yu Feng's waist had no strength, slowly loosened, and then slipped down and fell soft. Yu Feng hurriedly put his backhand around his waist and stepped back sideways, just in time for Gu Zi'ang to fall in his arms. Zi Ang, are you all right? I.. Good, hungry, ah. Gu Ziang forced a smile and murmured, "I can eat a cow, not an adjective, but really." Eat a cow. Do you want to eat beef? I'll hunt you a cow to satisfy you! Yu Feng promised. Gu Ziang looked at him with misty eyes: "Good." I'm waiting.. "Hey, don't sleep." Yu Feng's voice trembled. At the moment, Gu Ziang was sweating profusely, his face was pale, his breath was weak, and he was quite scary. Yu Feng has never seen him like this, very worried, also very afraid. The last time Gu Ziang converted his energy, he was weak at most, but this time he was as weak as being sucked dry by a vampire. It's all right. I'll sleep it off. Gu Ziang comforted Yu Feng in a low voice,artificial coconut palm trees, even he himself did not notice, at the moment his voice has been full of breath. Zi Ang! "I kind of like it." You called me "brother." In order to prevent Yu Feng from crying, Gu Ziang struggled to gather consciousness and joked. Holding him in his arms, Yu Feng slowly manipulated the vines to land on the ground. At this moment, his feet just touched the ground. He picked Gu Zi'ang up and let Gu Zi'ang's head rest on his chest: "OK, brother, don't sleep. I'll take you to replenish your energy." "This time,Faux cherry blossom tree, it seems." You can't rely on energy out of thin air. Gu Zi Ang said, he closed his eyes, opened them again, and asked Yu Feng, "Fire." But it's all out? What about those people? No A fish that slips through the net? Don't worry, everything is taken care of. It's just that the smoke over there is so heavy that it won't disappear for a while. Yu Feng has a headache, "if they are still around Helan Pavilion, they will definitely find it." "So.." We have to.. Get out of here. Gu Ziang hugged his neck and rubbed his fingers against the tears on Yu Feng's side neck. "I slept for a few days last time, and I was alive and kicking. What are you crying about?" Yu Feng raised his face and looked ahead. "Who's crying? It's sweat. You're wrong." Gu Ziang couldn't help laughing. Yu Feng holds Gu Ziang to go to the vegetable field, although here is a mess, but there is still food. He chose two tomatoes, pinched out the juice, and dripped it into Gu Ziang's mouth: "Make do with it first.". I have seen the stove just now, and even the pot and the stove have been blown over by the fireball. There is no chicken soup to drink. "Well.." Gu Ziang swallowed the juice of two tomatoes, as if he had not eaten, silk ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, and he rubbed Yu Feng's neck in a trance, "I really." So tired, let me.. Get some sleep. “…… All right, you sleep. Yu Feng agreed. Gu Ziang did not open a smile at the corners of his mouth and fell asleep in seconds. Actually, I was stunned in a second. Yu Feng held him in his arms and was at a loss for a while before he rolled up the things that could still be eaten in the vegetable field with vines and packed them up. He went to their cabin to choose some commonly used things to take with him, and then left here with Gu Ziang in his arms. Before leaving, Yu Feng did not forget to use a stick to knock out the guys who were tied into rice dumplings one by one. If you can't kill him, you can still knock him out. Blame these guys, he and Gu Ziang's pastoral life has come to naught. Fortunately, they can continue to find a place to live in seclusion and start again. Not long after Yu Feng left the botanical garden with Gu Ziang, Helan Pavilion came here with his team. The smoke was so conspicuous that they couldn't have missed it. Sure enough, the closer it was to the botanical garden, the more certain it was that this was the place where Yu Feng and Gu Zi'ang had settled down. Yu Feng is a wood energy, he must choose a place with many plants, which is convenient for him to hide, and also convenient for him to deal with intruders. Why didn't I think of it earlier! Helan Pavilion chagrin at the same time some worry-such a big smoke, Yu Feng they must have met the energy of the fire department. But the fire overcomes the wood, the wood makes the fire, is really a very difficult pass to resist! I don't know how fierce their battle will be. After arriving at the scene, Helan Pavilion looked at the "prototype of a small pastoral home" and fell into silence. That was pretty bad.
Shen Mingyan used his own water system power to control the water, and poured the huge rattan balls that were still emitting smoke one by one to ensure that the fire was completely extinguished before he collapsed and did not want to get up. Captain, didn't find sister-in-law and Yu Feng that smelly boy. “……” Helan Pavilion looked at the burned rose garden and the collapsed stove, and when he heard Bi Fei's words, he really wanted to kick him. Whoa, what is this? Roses? Rose Garden? Bi Fei looked along his eldest brother's line of sight, and when he saw the rose garden, he exclaimed, "It's so romantic!" "And the stove, the small pavilion over there is probably the place where two people sleep, right?" Xiong Qi also came over and made up a pair of brainless with Bi Fei. Ah, these two people are really living a good life. I really envy them. Bi Fei sighed, "We slept in the open air and looked for them everywhere. Unexpectedly, they were right under our eyes. This botanical garden is really unexpected, but on second thought, you think it's very reasonable.". That's amazing! Yi Na couldn't see past it, so she gave him a kick, then raised her chin and motioned for everyone to look at the group of people lying in rows in the open space. There are also unexpected gains. "Hey, wake up!" Bi Fei and Xiong Qi went to beat the men, but they didn't wake up. Yi Na looks to He Lanting: "Captain, electrify them, estimation is the most useful now is this." Helan Pavilion took a deep breath, slowly exhaled, and then raised his hand, a small ball of thunder and lightning rolled from the end of the row to the other end, several people shook a break dance, and then struggled to wake up. The little boy who went against the sky was not there,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, nor was the gigolo. Standing in front of them were a few people who looked obviously not to be trifled with. Cuntou woke up and tried to gather his strength again, and found that the internal organs were empty, and there was no familiar energy rising from the Dantian. How is that possible?. hacartificialtree.com

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