Meteor Butterfly Sword-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise
by Cesare

Lu Xiangchuan slowly raised his glass, drank, and slowly scorpioned. Fang Gang is also drinking, the mouth is a big cup, ten mouthfuls is ten big cups. In the city of Hangzhou, he was also a character, even when he was in debt, he had never been so insulted. Fang Gang shouted, "Get out." Lin Zhonghe suddenly pounded the table, jumped up and said angrily, "What are you? Why do you want me to get out?" Before he had finished speaking, Fang Gang's fist hit him in the stomach across the table. The fist is as hard as steel, but the belly is loose and soft. The crane in the forest bowed down in pain. As soon as Fang Gang lifted the table, the table "banged" into his head, and a bowl of steaming soup happened to fall on his head. The eight people who followed Fang Gang laughed. Lu Xiangchuan's eyes were already angry. In any case, Lin Zhonghe was always his wife's uncle. Fang Gang said coldly, "Take this man out and stuff him in the gutter. Don't let him go before dawn. Immediately behind him, two men turned out and set up a crane in the forest.". The crane in the forest suddenly roared, and when he struggled, his stomach was soft. But the two arms still have at least three or five hundred catties of strength, after all, Shaolin children have two down son. The two men who held him seemed to be very strong, but when he tried hard, they could no longer catch him,decorative palm trees, and one of them stumbled back and almost fell. Lin Zhonghe hit the other one in the chest with a backhand elbow. Suddenly, he rushed to Lu Xiangchuan and threw himself on the table, gasping for breath. "Go, go, they're coming to deal with you this time." After all, relatives are relatives, and he actually recognized Lu Xiangchuan. Law XiangChuan although also eat a surprised face, but quietly, way: "I don't know you." The crane in the forest was so anxious that he stamped his feet and said,artificial plant wall panels, "You don't have to hide it from me. They already know as soon as you get here." /He didn't finish the sentence. The two men he had knocked down had arrived, and one of them grabbed him by the collar from behind, dragged him back, grabbed a stool, and smashed it down on his waist. Fang Wang also stood up and snapped, "waste him first." Then he shouted, "Surname law, let's come out and have a fight." Although he was saying "come out" in the evening, he had already rushed over like a tiger to Lu Xiangchuan. It was an amazing change, and it happened unexpectedly. Lu Xiangchuan did not seem to be prepared to deal with this change, he has been sitting there, did not move. But when Fang Gang pounced.. He suddenly slid under the table. Through the bottom of the table like a fish, his hand had caught a man's ankle. As soon as the man smashed the stool on the waist of the crane in the forest, his ankle was suddenly caught, and when his ankle began to crack, his body was already hanging in the air. Lu Xiangchuan snatched him away. Kick back with the right foot and kick the other man on the knee. With a wild cry, the man knelt on his knees, fake ficus tree ,silk olive tree, cold sweat flowing down with tears, knowing that he could hardly stand up straight again in this life. Lu Xiangchuan pulled up the fallen crane in the forest and said in a deep voice, "Go out and look for the old man." The crane in the forest clenched his teeth and nodded, turned and ran out, but there were three men in front of him blocking his way, and the steel knife in his hand was as bright as a horse. The crane in the forest stepped back step by step, and suddenly saw seven or eight black lights passing under his side, and two of the three men on the opposite side immediately fell down. He knew that Lu Xiangchuan's hidden weapon had been used. Fang Gang shouted, "Be careful of his hidden weapon." He punched back the man who had been snatched by Lu Xiangchuan, picked up a stool with his backhand, used the stool as a shield, and rushed to Lu Xiangchuan again. Ritsukagawa stood waiting. When he moves.. Accurate and quick as a scorpion, when not moving, it seems to immediately become gentle and polite, face, even with a smile, looking at Fang Gang way, "You boy have to be careful of my hidden weapon is." Fang Gang's angry scorpion suddenly jumped into the sky. Three black lights suddenly bounced off the ground and shot straight into his lower part. He didn't see any movement at all, and the three black lights seemed to shoot out of the ground by himself, if not for his quick reaction. I can't afford to fall to the ground now. "I told you to be careful, didn't I?" Said Lu Xiangchuan with a smile. He took it easy because he knew he had a head start. 6 Fang Gang was now in the air, like a target as big as a skeet, and he was sure that there was no reason why he could not hit it. He has prepared four different dark ways, three of each. The twelve hidden weapons were about to be fired at the same moment, but at that moment, the smile on his face suddenly froze.
He felt a hand around his waist, which was at least a hundred pounds of strength, and he knew he could never get rid of it. As long as he paid a little attention, no one could hold him from behind, no one could plot against him. But now he had become a fish in the net, for he had never thought that this man would plot against him-he had never dreamed that the crane in the forest would strike at him. His body had been pulled down by the crane in the forest. Fang Gang turned around and fell on him, with one foot on his chest and the other on his stomach, just like a hunter stepping on a goat that had been hit by an arrow. His dark face was shining with sharp light, and the corners of his mouth were smiling like a conqueror. He laughed and said, "My name is Lv. Others say you are resourceful, but you can't imagine this move, can you?" Jin Xiangchuan's neck seemed to have turned into two black stones, and he looked at him coldly. "Be grateful to me," he said coldly. "Thank you," said Fang Gang. "If I didn't have a good relative to help you, how could you succeed?" Fang Gang laughed and said, "Yes, you do have a good relative. You should be more careful when you marry a wife." Lin Zhonghe stood up panting, with a trace of shame in his eyes, and looked at Lu Xiangchuan and said, "You can't blame me." I was under orders. Lu Xiangchuan said lightly, "I know, if it were me, maybe I would do the same.". "There's only one thing I don't understand," he suddenly added. "What's the matter?" Said the crane in the forest. Lu Xiangchuan said, "There are at least a few characters in the Twelve Flying Roc Gang. Why did you choose a stupid donkey to be your partner and insult him?" Fang Gang suddenly said, "Who are you talking about?" "Apart from you, there seems to be no other donkey here,large ficus tree," said Lu Xiangchuan. Fang Gang bowed his head and stepped on him. Anger appeared in his eyes. Suddenly, he lifted his feet and trembled in his crotch. The muscles on his face twisted one by one, but he clenched his teeth and never groaned.

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