Quickly wear the strategy, the sick and charming man, spoil the sky!
by Cesare

It is equivalent to exposing the gate of one's own life to others. Each exercise has its advantages and disadvantages. Especially like the remote skill practiced by the leader of the Demon Sect, Su Yan is the only one in the world who practices it. Others find it difficult to find out the details, so there is no way to resolve, can only see the move. And now, this skill was given to her little boy pet by the leader of the Demon Sect. If this gets out, I'm afraid I'll be surprised by the two factions of immortals and demons. Su Yan searched for a long time. Finally, in a pile of inconspicuous corners, I found the book I was looking for. As soon as I turned it over, I found seven or eight books. Su Yan squatted on the ground, looking at the booklet with a serious face, and scenes of naked men and women in various yellow pictures appeared in front of him. Sure enough, Xiaohua was right. There must be such a book in such a big treasure house. She was holding the seven books. Occasionally, there are a few notes beside the picture, but they are all in traditional Chinese characters, which she can't read very well. Just at this time, Xiao Yu came over. She stretched out her hand and handed the booklet to Xiaoyu with a serious face. "Read" Xiao Yu was a little curious when she just took it over, and she wanted to go through all the books on the shelves. Reading is www.kanshu58.com. Chapter 280 Immortal,digital interactive whiteboard, possessed 9. The www.kanshu58.com of reading the book just took it, and his hand froze while he looked at the picture on it and chatted a few words. "The religious leader has been looking for this?" Su Yan nodded "This will be very useful." After thinking about it, I'm not in a hurry. He reached out and handed the remaining six books to Xiaoyu. Come on, get out. Xiao Yu's complexion was complicated as he held the seven pictures of the Spring Palace in his arms. This snatcher is still a dissolute mind. Just turned to chuckle, well, interesting. Go back the way you came. When she saw that Xiao Hong was still acting recklessly,smartboards for business, she wagged her tail and nibbled everywhere. Most of the elixir in this room was eaten by it. Su Yan looked at Xiao Yu, who came out quietly behind her, and then looked at the way Xiao Hong bared her teeth and claws. After a pause, he said seriously. "You go out first." Xiao Yu nodded "Yes, Master." With these words, holding the seven books, Xiao Huang went out. When Xiao Yu completely left Su Yan's line of sight, Su Yan waved. "Xiao Hong, let's go." Little red over there, click. Took the last bite of the elixir box. Then slowly slid to the front of Su Yan. Su Yan looked at its unfinished appearance and made a sound. "You like this very much?" "Hiss, hiss, hiss." Xiao Hong spits out the scarlet snake letter and shakes her big head. Fair to middling Su Yan is entangled "I'll bring you to eat next time. It's all yours. I'm leaving now." As soon as Xiao Hong heard this, 75 inch smart board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, she looked at the elixir room that she had eaten half of and destroyed half of, and felt relieved. These are all his. Then, Su Yan raised his hand and took Xiao Hong back into the space. Then, with a step, he went out. Walking out, I faintly heard someone talking. "Unexpectedly, the female devil has a good eye, and all the people she finds are pets with fine skin and tender flesh." Looking up, I saw a man dressed gorgeously, wearing a flower hairpin, like a woman, stretching out a thin hand. Touched Feng Yu's cheek. Feng Yu lowered his head and remained motionless. The man's hand was so heavy that he pinched out a bruise on Feng Yu's chin. Coincidentally, the man looked at Feng Yu like a piece of wood, as if he liked it even more. Withdraw one's hand in a satisfied tone "In the future, you follow me." The voice fell, listening to Feng Yu's low voice. "Xiao Yu is the leader of the sect." The man listened, snorting with disdain. "She won't give me the person I want?"? Besides, in her eyes, you are no different from other male pets. Do you really think he will look at you differently because you are faithful and unyielding? Who is the leader of the Demon Sect? Cruel and tyrannical. Poisonous man can not believe that someone will really be kicked in the head by a donkey, deeply rooted in that tyrannical human feelings. At most, it's someone who has other intentions towards the leader of the Demon Sect. Poison man looked at Xiaoyu, a rare pet in line with his usual taste. Not willing to let it go easily, he reached out and pinched Xiaoyu's chin and raised it. Follow me, or die, you choose one.
” Xiao Yu's eyes have no waves. "Death" The poisonous man probably didn't think it was just a little boy pet who dared to disobey him. As soon as he shook his hand, he threw it hard on Feng Yu's face. The slap contained internal force, and Feng Yu flew out and fell to the ground. Pale as a sheet "Cough!" A mouthful of blood coughed up. Poisonous men are angry and have been used to being obedient for many years. Suddenly, a disobedient man comes out and feels like an eyesore. Reading is www.kanshu58.com. Chapter 281 Immortal, possessed by 10. Read a book www.kanshu58.com "seek death!" But after the voice fell, the poisonous man thought about it and smiled ruthlessly. The tone of voice is not slow. "You are a piece of meat on the chopping block. When it comes to my hands, I will torture you inch by inch and let you know what will happen if you refuse me." As he spoke, he walked up to Xiaoyu step by step. Crouching down, I don't know where to take out a scarlet pill. He pinched Xiao Yu's lower jaw and stuffed it in. When Su Yan came out, she saw her boy pet, pressed on the ground, dressed in disorder, feeding pills that she did not know what they were. She looked serious and frowned. He raised his hand and slapped the poisonous man. She had no strength, and this palm was ten percent. With a thud. Even if the poisonous man was aware of Su Yan's movements,75 smart board, he could not react. The next moment, he was knocked down for more than ten meters. Leave deep marks on the ground. Poof! A mouthful of blood spat out of the poisonous man's mouth. His face was pale, and he covered his heart in disbelief. hsdsmartboard.com

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