Female Counterattack: a Manual for Getting the Male Leader
by Cesare

But she did not expect that the young lady and the eldest son would have such a harmonious day. But come to think of it, the young lady will marry in the future, mostly still have to rely on the eldest son. The note just now can be lowered by one key. Xia Qingyi suddenly opened his mouth, but did not raise his head. Summer Meng paused to play the piano and looked at him discontentedly. "Even if my brother is reading, he can easily find out my shortcomings. It's really annoying!" Xia Qingyi looked up at her and could not help feeling a little funny when she saw her beeping and delicate appearance. "Then I won't read any more. Let's listen to Mengmeng playing the piano." Summer Meng laughed when she heard this. She plucked the strings slightly and said thoughtfully, "Mr. Jiu said he was looking for me to enjoy the scenery today, but I don't know when he will arrive." Xia Qingyi is a person who is as careful as silk. Naturally, he suddenly discovered the difference in expression when Xia Meng talked about Nan Jiu. Can not help frowning: "Mengmeng, between you and the nine princes..." He really does not want Mengmeng to marry into the royal family, the relationship between the royal family is too complicated, Mengmeng is so spoiled, even if it is appropriate, it will eventually be wronged! If you can't keep a concubine all your life, even if Mengmeng is a wife, it's just a decent one. Xia Tianmeng seemed not to notice his frown, but smiled: "What can there be between me and the nine princes?"? Brother, you just think too much! Xia Qingyi saw that although she said so, her face was full of shame, and she understood it in her heart,65 inch smart board, but she just looked at her with a smile. Brother ~ "Summer is cute to see his eyes, what don't you understand?"? Can not help showing the posture of the little daughter, charming and lovely. As soon as Nan Jiu came in, he was called dizzy by that life. Is such a charming and lovely voice really sprouting? "Puff!" As soon as Shen Yu turned his head, he saw Nan Jiu's dull expression and couldn't help laughing. Nine princes really love young lady, right? Otherwise, how can it be so simple? Nan Jiu came to his senses and looked at Xia Xia Meng. Holding back his shame, he nodded and smiled: "I'm coming." He said he'd pick her up,touch screen whiteboard, and he did. Xia Qingyi saw that Nan Jiu and Xia Meng could not help but feel sour in his heart, and his sister, who had managed to get close to one or two, admired a man in this way, and his brother's position was behind him! Thought so in the heart, the face is still gentle nod: "Nine princes came, is to visit my father?"? It is a pity that my father is still in the palace and has not come back. Nan Jiu was stupefied and looked at Xia Meng with a sense of shame. Seeing her soft eyes, he had more courage and looked at her: "No, I'm looking for Meng Meng.". Mengmeng, I want to take you to a place. Even if Xia Tianmeng knew where it was, he still asked with a smile, "Where?" Nan Jiu looked at her seriously: "Only we know the place." 、172. No Chapter 172: Through Mary Sue [71] This "only two of us know the place" has also appeared in the original text, when Nanjiu has fallen in love with the night like frost, smartboards in classrooms ,touch screen board classroom, and other men began to be jealous of the wind to attract the attention of the night like frost, specially with night like frost to that place. The maple forest under a high mountain is the most beautiful memory of Nanjiu. There he expressed his love to the night like frost, and hugged each other and told each other his heart. Now, in his mind, what is worth bringing is Summer Meng. Cluck, cluck, cluck. The carriage drove slowly on the quiet mountain road, with the sound of hoofs and wheels. Nan Jiu looked at Xia Meng, who was sitting opposite slowly making tea, and coughed. Seeing her refined white dress and elegant posture, she couldn't help explaining: "Second Brother and Prime Minister Zuo said they wanted to relax together, not invited by me." Otherwise, according to his idea, he only wished that Summer Meng would not even take the sinking fish and falling geese with him, and only the two of them would be together. Xia Tianmeng looked up at him and laughed when he saw that his handsome face was full of seriousness: "I know." Nan Jiu doesn't look like someone who will take someone else on a date, let alone himself who has just shown his heart to him. As soon as Nan Jiu saw her smile, he couldn't help but feel a little soft in his heart, and he no longer froze his eyebrows. Instead, he loosened a little. That place is a very special place for me.
"Nan Jiu didn't know why he wanted to tell her the secret he had never told anyone, and he even thought he would bury it in his heart forever." It was when I was just fourteen years old, and the first time I went to the battlefield to kill the enemy, I found that the drill was different from the usual drill. There was no point to stop, no mercy, and everywhere my eyes were bright red blood. For the first time, I knew that I was not as cold-blooded as I thought, at least when I saw the fallen bodies of our army, I could not be indifferent. "But I was too weak at that time." When he said this, he couldn't help laughing, as if he wanted to laugh at himself who was too young and too rampant at the beginning. "I thought I could defeat a hundred with one, even to the extent that others praised me.". But at that time, I realized how conceited I was. I was at a loss, and the martial arts I learned on weekdays were barely able to protect myself. In the end, I gave the enemy a chance. He stared at his hands and fell into deep memories. Had it not been for the deputy general's protection, I would have died on that battlefield. "The deputy general took me all the way south and was intercepted by the enemy in a strange remote place. He bought me time to escape with his life." "That's when I was saved by the passing caravan." Summer sprout eyes color slightly a deep, this is the original text has never appeared in the plot, at least in the original text Nanjiu did not tell such a past overnight such as frost. Nan Jiu smiled unconsciously at the corners of his mouth, but it was shallow but real. He said, "It was a caravan that had just returned from a neighboring country. There were strong men in the caravan, a considerate but gossipy cook, an uncle who had always been very kind to me, and his young daughter." When I was in the caravan, it was my best time. There is no pressure, no complicated interpersonal relationship, and everyone is so simple. Uncle's daughter,interactive digital whiteboard, Yan'er, is just seven years old. She hasn't changed her teeth, but she always likes to come to me with her favorite candy. 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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