Quickly wear the female companion: the sick and charming boss has a black belly.
by Cesare

After hearing this, Wang can felt that he was really crazy, and after listening to this crazy bodyguard, he laughed angrily, "Ha!"! What do you mean by that? Can you teach the prince to study as a bodyguard? Or do you have a big face? Which famous scholar did you invite? "I don't think I have the ability to teach the prince to study," said Zhi Xi Youzai. "But I do find someone who can teach me. Anyway, I'm better than you and more suitable than you. Don't worry about eating salty radishes." With a sullen look on his face, Wang can stared at Chai Zongxun and said with a smile, "Prince, don't blame me for not reminding you. In three months, the emperor will teach you to recite the whole Enlightenment of Rhythm."! It's not too late for you to go back with me now. I don't know what happened to Chai Zongxun. Maybe he got the confidence from Zhi Xi. He mustered up his courage and said, "I'm not going back now!"! I want to go out to learn with Zhi Xi! Wang can's whole face was gloomy, "fooling around." Zhi Xi lifted the weight lightly. She blinked and said, "Wang Xianma doesn't have to say anything too early, does he?"? In order for you to see the effect as soon as possible and not let you be afraid for too long, how about I make a bet with you? Wang can shook off his hand and snorted coldly, "What do you mean?" "It's not interesting." Zhi Xi shrugged her shoulders. "Don't you want the prince to recite the whole" Rhythm Enlightenment "in three months? Three months is too long. What do you say if I can let the prince recite the first half of the book in one and a half months? If the prince and I can't do it,touch screen interactive whiteboard, I'll let the emperor and you deal with it at will! Wang can's eyes flashed a cruel color, "including taking your life?" Zhi Xi spread out her hands indifferently. "I've never failed in your stall. Yes, whatever.". What if the prince does it? Do not fight for steamed bread, Wang can throw caution to the wind, "if the prince really did, that proves that my teaching really failed,65 inch touch screen, I voluntarily resigned from the post of Prince Xian Ma!" Wang can spoke in an awe-inspiring and generous manner, and he felt that it was quite remarkable for him to make this promise. Chai Zongxun exulted, that feeling is good, he is looking forward to day and night, is this what bullshit Xianma get out early. Wang can has already become his nightmare in the middle of the night! But unexpectedly Zhi Xi is not moved, but also hold on to, "when the time comes you just walk away like this for no reason?"? Who knows if you're going to talk outside? With a livid face, Wang can said, "What are you going to do?"? Is it possible that if I lose the bet, I have to admit the failure of teaching in a written way and in a letter? Zhi Xi "climbed up the bamboo pole" and said with an innocent smile, "That's a good feeling, so it's settled!"! And not only in writing, 86 smart board ,interactive panel board, you must also apologize to the prince in person. What an insatiable desire! Wang can was so angry that he trembled all over, pointing at Zhi Xi's hand and trembling. Chai Zongxun thought yes, if he finally won, what's the point of just looking at his paper, if he can listen to this bullshit Xian Ma's apology face to face, it's really going to fly to the sky! It was really gratifying to think so, and Chai Zongxun's face showed a contented smile. What's the matter? That's all we want. Don't you dare to bet? Zhi Xi said with a narrow smile, the most fatal thing for this kind of pedantic literati is their worthless face, at this time to help Chai Zongxun out of the gas, then Chai Zongxun will be more willing to cooperate to study! Wang can took a deep breath and finally said, "Good!"! It's a deal! Zhi Xi opened her innocent eyes wide and took out two pieces of paper and a pen from behind. "Who will make a deal with you? What if you refuse to admit it? Of course, you have to sign the written evidence first.". One side, fair and reasonable, neither the old nor the young are deceived. Wang can saw at a glance that the other side had signed the names of the two people on the handwriting, and what else could he say to such a rogue? He grabbed the pen, signed his name, and threw one to Zhi Xi. Zhi Xi looked at Wang can's back harmlessly and said, "Brother Xian Ma, go all the way." When Wang can slipped away, Chai Zongxun took a look at the handwriting in Zhi Xi's hand and laughed: "You imitate my handwriting very well. You have a heart.".
” "It's my honor to help the prince do something." Zhi Xi this will not take credit, she and her team, as well as the distant strategy of the silent, but the purpose of the father of others! Chai Zongxun said with a slight dissatisfaction, "Obviously, you have helped me a lot. At least you have given me a lot of bad breath today. Don't pretend to be modest!"! And don't call me Prince outside, call me. Well, what do you say? According to Zhi Xi's silent teaching, she had been prepared and was not afraid to use the eyes of "teaching a bad little brother" to turn around: "I have a funny one. Isn't your name Chai Zongxun? "Take half of these three characters separately, and then use homophones to avoid being easily seen through. How about Mu Shichuan?" "Mu Shichuan?" Chai Zongxun clapped his hands and said, "Good name. I'm Mu Shichuan now!" Zhi Xi then walked out with her hands behind her back. Chai Zongxun quickly followed, "Zhi Xi, are we really going to study?"? Shall we go somewhere to play for a day and a half first? Zhi Xi stopped and knew him like the palm of his hand. She pretended to be mysterious and said, "Of course I'm going to play. I'll take you to a very interesting place and meet the most wonderful person." Chai Zongxun's appetite was so high that he was even more curious about who he was going to see. At this moment, Chai Zongxun had been simply transfigured by her three or two times, believing that even the people who got along with him day and night in the prince's mansion could not recognize him. Zhi Xi grandly took him to the gate of Baihualou, where the crowd surged, no matter in or out of the people are the most on the street. Chai Zongxun was a little timid and began to step back slightly. "You're not going here, are you?"? Let's just go. Zhi Xi grabbed him,interactive boards for classrooms, "What are you going to do? Go in!"! I have an appointment with someone. Chai Zongxun's scalp began to tingle? Who are you dating? Never mind, if there's any loss, I'll compensate you later. I really can't go to this place. Chapter 313 of the main text. hsdsmartboard.com

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