My uncle Feng
by Cesare

"Nian En, shall we stay here for a while?" Feng Lu Ming turned his head slightly to her. Although Fu Nianen was immersed in such happiness, he was still very sober and objected: "Professor Kong used to like to ask me to do cheap labor. Now that I have become his formal student, he feels that it is justified to ask me to do things. It is even more impossible to skip classes. Let's go back." Feng Luming paused for a moment and then asked her, "Shall we come here for our honeymoon when you have your summer vacation?" Fu Nian-en was stupefied for a while before he reacted and immediately corrected his slip of the tongue: "Uncle, everyone else is on their honeymoon after getting married. How can they have a honeymoon after getting married for a few years?" Feng Luming lowered his body and carefully put her down, then turned to look at her. The weather around the island is very good. During the day, the sky is clear, blue and white clouds. At night, the sky is full of stars. But at this moment, the stars in the sky are not as bright as the eyes of Fenglu Ming. Fu Nien saw him take out a box from his trousers pocket, and then saw him kneel down on one knee in front of him. Fu Nien covered her mouth in disbelief and her eyes began to fill with tears. Nian En, I know I forced you to get married before. After we got married, I also said that we should get married first and then fall in love. I think we've been in love for a few years. Is it time to hold a wedding as a matter of course? He was wearing a loose white shirt, which was blown by the sea breeze, and his hair was blown by the wind, but Fu Nien could not move his eyes. Fu Nien looked at the ring he was holding in his hand and did not know what else to do except to nod foolishly. Feng Luming helped her put on the ring and held her carefully in her arms,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, not knowing when to lower her head and kiss her. On the beach under the starlight, the figures of the two men overlapped. Chapter 69 Before Feng Xin and Lu Jingan held their wedding on a private island in the Pacific Ocean, Feng Luming was talking to a wealthy foreign businessman who bought the island when he accidentally learned that the other party had recently wanted to sell the island. After the wedding of Feng Xin and Lu Jingan, Feng Luming saw that Fu Nien seemed to like it very much, so he had other ideas. Finally, he took the initiative to find the wealthy foreign businessman and bought the island. When Fu Nien learned about it, he felt sweet because he guessed that he had bought the island because of himself,smart boards for conference rooms, and at the same time he could not help complaining that he was a prodigal. Feng Luming hugged and kissed her and asked her with a smile, "When I retire, how about you follow me to be the wife of the island owner?" Fu Nien was so amused by him that he couldn't stop laughing until he carried him to bed before he realized what he was going to do. Fu Nian-en thought that Feng Luming had gone to so much trouble to buy the island, and that their wedding would definitely be held here. Anyway, she really liked it here, but she didn't mind how many people would come. But Fu's father, Fu Nien, such a daughter, grew up as an eyeball to spoil, where would agree to let her wedding so perfunctory. After all, Feng Xin and Lu Jingan are international movie queen and world champion, so it's understandable that they don't want to get too much attention. But Fu Fu is different, smart board for conference room ,4k smart board, he really wants to marry a daughter, that is eager to let the whole world know. What Fu Nien did not expect was that Feng Luming and Fu Fu had the same idea on this matter. She asked him doubtfully, "Didn't you spend so much money to buy an island just to marry me?" Feng Luming smiled and pinched her nose. "I told you it was for retirement, but recently it was for our honeymoon.". In fact, our family has a lot of real estate abroad, but I think you may not like those places very much. Ever since she spoke thoroughly with Feng Luming, Fu Nien felt that as long as she was with him, she didn't care about the wedding at all, and even if she didn't do it, she wouldn't be sad. It can be seen that Feng Lu Ming attached so much importance to it that she was inevitably very moved. She couldn't help thinking that people were still greedy. After Fu's father held the wedding of Feng Luming and Fu Nien, the venue of the wedding was set at the best hotel under the Fu family.
The old lady now has only one son, Feng Luming, who has just finished the wedding of her granddaughter Feng Xin. She thinks she is very experienced, so she began to actively participate in the wedding preparations for Feng Luming and Fu Nien. The last time the old lady and her mother made a lot of trouble for the wedding of Feng Xin, the old lady thought that this time her youngest son's wedding, the eldest daughter-in-law must be out of control, who knows that halfway out of a Cheng Yaojin, Fu old lady unexpectedly also want to help prepare for the wedding of two people. Not to mention that Mrs. Fu and Mrs. Feng were of the same generation, they were several years older than Mrs. Feng. Old Mrs. Feng felt that this time she was more suffocating than the last time, and she had complained to Fu Nien many times in private. Fu Nien is both sides can not be offended, inside and outside is not a person, simply stay in school all day, said she was too busy to study, can not go home, finally still bitter closure. Fu Nien came home from school that day, and as soon as he entered the door, he heard Lu Ming talking to someone on the phone in the living room. She put down her bag and sat beside him. After listening to a few words, she knew that it was Mrs. Feng who called. Feng Lu Ming coaxed the other party a few words, very not easy to coax good, here just hung up the phone, Fu old lady's phone came again. Fu Nian'en saw that he was always calm and calm in business, as if facing a formidable enemy, and could not bear it for a moment. She asked him to go into the kitchen to cook, and she picked up Mrs. Fu's phone. At dinner in the evening, Fu Nien opened his mouth and complained, "If I had known this, I wouldn't have got married. It's not interesting at all." Feng Luming helped her pick up her favorite dishes and said in a gentle voice, "The wedding is not our business, but the business of the two families.". Especially for your family,electronic board for classroom, your father has always been concerned that my relationship with you has not been made public. Fu Nien took a bite of the sweet and sour spareribs and replied lazily, "Uncle, I really don't care about that.". I'd rather spend a month on the island with you than spend my time doing these things. Feng Luming only said three words to her: "Silly girl." Only the silly girl who loved him wholeheartedly and wanted nothing would not care about it.

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