Pouring imperial concubine
by Cesare

"Girl.." In fact, the master is very concerned about you, that day you disappeared, he was really anxious, Yunzhu with the master for four years, the first time to see his face appeared flustered expression! Cloud bead did not pay attention to my stop, still speak to me about blessing. I snorted coldly in my heart. He was worried because he was afraid that his plan would fail. Did he think I didn't know? "He personally led a small group of military forces to intercept the ship we were on on the spot. He questioned all the people on board who had had conflicts or close relations with you. Even those who had spoken to you once were locked up by him." Yunzhu's words made my whole body stiff, and I couldn't believe the staring of Yunzhu. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that Yunzhu is staring at me as a blessing. Who have you arrested? "The first one, of course, is the young master Li Gongzi, and then Ziheng, and Miss Wen, and those guys.." She counted them one by one, and I immediately grabbed her hand and asked. Miss Wen, is it Wen Jingruo? "That's what the shipowner seemed to call it!" Yunzhu nodded in confusion. Nalan prayed that he should. Unexpectedly My head was heavy, my mind was completely unable to turn, and I finally fell into a bottomless abyss. If I could sleep like this forever, maybe I wouldn't have to face the years that made me feel dirty, and I wouldn't have to bear the two heavy words of restoring the country alone. I was only sixteen years old. Volume 1 Night Dian Pian Dance Snow Sea Heart Chapter 34: Leisurely Phoenix Seeking Phoenix (3) When I woke up again, it was already two days later. Yunzhu said that I had a cold and had a high fever for two days in a row. I often dreamed about something. Han Zhaoyi came to see me several times,smart board interactive whiteboard, and all the supplements on the table were brought by Han Zhaoyi himself. I reached out to touch the skirt, jade pendant, I struggled to get up from the bed, Yunzhu did not expect that I would suddenly get up from the bed, just boiled in the hands of a medicine did not grasp, all splashed on my body. Girl Girl, are you all right? Frightened, Yunzhu immediately took out the rusty silk and tried to wipe the juice off my body. I could not feel the pain of the hot medicine sprinkled on my body. I held her hand tightly and asked,smart interactive whiteboard, "Where is my jade pendant?" The cloud bead's hand froze, recalled for a moment and ran to the dressing table to take the jade pendant out of the ornament box. "Is this it?" Trembling, he took the jade pendant, which was still cold through the blood, held it tightly, and finally loosened it. I was unable to get up from the bed, and then I felt the burning pain on my body. I couldn't stand it and frowned, "Yunzhu, I'm going out now to change my clothes." I tried not to sound so weak, but I was still so weak that my voice was hoarse. Where do you want to go when you're like this? She supported me, afraid that I would fall down if I let go. It's important.. It's a matter! In front of the dressing table, gazing at the pale cheeks like ice and snow, the chapped and purple lips, and the haggard and blurred eyes, smartboard for business ,interactive panels for education, can I still be called beautiful. Yunzhu carefully stood behind me and tied up the Zhaoyang sideburns for me. She picked up the Rouge and gently put it on both sides of her face. Her hands were trembling. Girl, wait for Yunzhu to help you tie up your sideburns and then make up for you! She saw that my hands were trembling, and her hands were at a loss. Put down the Rouge and then pick up the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow, thin willow eyebrow, just like it. Under the skillful hands of Yunzhu, my originally haggard and incomparable face repeated its beauty, which seemed to be more beautiful than I used to be. As long as I don't speak, no one will guess how weak I am now. I heard Yunzhu say that she grew up under Mody's careful care because she lost her mother at an early age. When Han Zhaoyi was ten years old, the emperor entrusted her to raise her. No one could say anything about the feelings between them. Said pray when she is not a mother, but he will come to the west palace to pay his respects to her every day, if said when she is a mother, but not as intimate as between mother and son, perhaps Han Zhaoyi is not much relationship with him, so caused the situation now. Stepping out of the Lanyue Tower, I went to the Jingren Hall, where I now live. All the way, I was thinking about what to say when I saw him. I prepared a long list of words to say to him, but I always felt inappropriate.
I didn't think of how to tell him until I entered the Jingren Hall, and he had already appeared in front of me. His eyes were still full of melancholy and indifferent. He seemed surprised when he saw me. He didn't expect me to come to him. I forced a smile and saluted. He invited me to sit down, but I didn't move. What's the matter with you? You're acting strange today! He asked with concern, and his voice was as elegant as a spring breeze. I've come to return this to you, Wang Ye. I spread out my clenched fist in front of him, and the jade pendant lay quietly in the palm of my hand. Didn't I say you would keep it? He didn't intend to take it. Pan Yu has no virtue and no ability. He can't stand such a precious jade. My hand was still straight up in front of him, a little sour. If I say you are qualified, you are qualified. "But I don't want that qualification." The air was suddenly filled with a chill of condensation, and his eyes changed, no longer warm and low, but cold with a trace of anger. I took his hands on the side of his legs and put the jade into his hands. He did not refuse and took the jade. Pan Yu took his leave. Salute, turn around gracefully, and leave without nostalgia. Volume 1 Night Dian Pian Dance Snow Sea Heart Chapter 35: Leisurely Phoenix Seeking Phoenix (4) Falling, willow sparse, drizzling evening rain flying chaos, desert light cold. I walked alone in the drizzly and cool West Palace, and I was entranced. I should have broken up with the prayer, so I can do what I should do without any worries, right. Dizzy more and more heavy, drizzle disturbance will blur my vision, blindly around the West Palace, I can not even find the way back, simply sitting in front of a curved corridor in a daze. Really ridiculous, I have such an awkward day, if I thought I would not believe that I should be so negative in the face of feelings. Dun far look, the person walks toward this, vast and mighty, the golden shadow sweeps the eyes. With a smile, he raised his voice and sang the auspicious song softly. Meeting is fate,interactive touch screens education, lovesickness is gradually entangled, but it is difficult to meet. The mountain is high and the road is long, but a thousand miles share the beauty of the moon. hsdsmartboard.com

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