Quickly wear a female villain boss, strong flirting (this palace is slightly fat)
by Cesare

Chu Ge bought a black suit. It's a little difficult to buy clothes suitable for her, but on the plane of cultivating immortals, there are many vestments that can shrink up and down. Even the color can be changed at will. Chu song changed equipment, and did not rush to Dan Zong to find someone to settle accounts. Every day, in addition to practicing, she would go out from time to time to listen to the gossip in the teahouse and tavern. Feng Yueli and Long Xun are all kinds of men and women who pretend to be forced to hit their faces wherever they go. There are gossip news about them everywhere. It's not difficult to inquire about them. Chu Song, who began to practice Vientiane Gongfa again, is also growing in mental strength without knowing it. But the appearance is still no big change, or the appearance looks only eight years old. It seems that if you want to break through the age, you have to make a big breakthrough in Vientiane. However, before this, the total can not always shrink like this, this is not the style of Chu song. Chu song, like the host, hit the idea on Feng Xiaolong, who seemed to be good at eating. When the little fellow went out alone again, Chu Song blocked his way. Even if he knew that the little guy had fused the four mirrors into a magic weapon, the array was basically a child's play for him,smart board whiteboard, but this time Chu Ge still used the array to intercept him. Where the host loses, she finds it for the host. She still doesn't believe that she, a master of array accumulated over time, will really lose to a guy like Feng Xiaolong who only relies on luck. Sister Suzerain, is that you? Stepping into the formation of Chu Song, Feng Xiaolong raised his eyebrows and then looked surprised. "Sister suzerain, you're not dead. That's really great." Chu song has stayed in the snake cave under the cliff for more than n years. Feng Xiaolong,digital touch screen board, who used to be five years old, has now grown into a beautiful man who makes girls want to drool when they see him. The watery eyes fluttered, which was both amorous and pitiful, and the fleshy lips wanted to be bitten. So reincarnation is a technical work, if cast in the belly of the woman, really do not have to worry about their appearance. When he called Chu Song "Suzerain Sister", his voice was so affectionate and soft that it made people tremble. The host was not interested in him, and Chu Song was even less interested in him. His handsome appearance made the host feel a kind of disgust from the bottom of his heart. Chu song did not respond to his words, she concentrated on controlling the big array. The Sixiang Mirror is the treasure of the Vientiane Sect, and now it has been fused into a magic weapon by Feng Xiaolong, and its power has more than doubled. Feng Xiaolong continued to talk to Chu Ge while breaking the battle array. "Sister suzerain, why don't you talk to me? After so many years, interactive flat panel display ,classroom interactive whiteboard, how are you? I didn't know until later that my mother knocked you down the cliff last time. Later, I went to the bottom of the cliff several times, but I never found you." "Sister Suzerain, don't blame my mother. It's all my fault. I was reckless at the beginning. Sister Suzerain, let's not fight. I'm sorry for you. You can do anything you want me to do." Feng Xiaolong also has a magic weapon called the Sword of Love. Everyone else is a magic weapon of life, but this guy has two rare ones. However, the Sword of Love also has a negative impact, that is, it transforms Feng Xiaolong's character and makes him so gentle, affectionate and considerate to any woman. Oh, he's the same way with his mother. But now there are four mirrors to help him suppress the side effects of the amorous sword, so that he will not be a stallion. After Feng Xiaolong broke through five big battles in succession, Chu Ge arranged a fantasy of love for his character. But knowing that this person's nature is not an affectionate seed, but a cold-hearted and arrogant, and the body is always thinking of killing the ruthless guy, so Chu song's fantasy of love has been adjusted at the end. Feng Xiaolong relies on the four-image mirror, which is the magic weapon of life, and really doesn't care about these formations of Chu Song. Until he entered the unreal territory of the array, his own body outside the unreal territory immediately weakened at a speed visible to the naked eye. Eventually, a mouthful of blood spat out, and Feng Xiaolong fainted to death on the ground with a pale face. Chu song did not let him go like this, and sealed all his acupoints. Chu Song used his own skills to strip the four mirrors from Feng Xiaolong's body little by little. The original life instrument is the existence that is integrated with oneself. Stripping the original life instrument is like peeling the skin and cramping. Feng Xiaolong was also awakened by the pain.
As soon as he looked up and saw Chu Ge, he shouted subconsciously: "Sister Suzerain, it hurts so much, it hurts so much. Don't treat the dragon like this." Chu song looked at him with sarcasm, she did not point his dumb point, is to listen to his pain but affectation incomparable wail. You beg me. "Sister Suzerain, I beg you, don't treat the dragon like this. The dragon is so painful." Chu song but fiercely kicked his head: "Beg me to think I will promise you, but not promise you." Feng Xiaolong probably could not stand the pain, and saw Chu Song change his face. His expression also changed in the next moment. He gnashed his teeth and stared at Chu Song with a resentful face: "Little bitch, if you dare to touch me again, I will let you die a terrible death." Chu song looked up and laughed, laughing arrogantly and proudly. He raised his foot and kicked Feng Xiaolong's head again. Chu Ge looked at him with a contemptuous look on his face: "a dead duck that can only croak. Your name is Feng Xiaolong. Do you really think that you are comparable to the existence of dragons and phoenixes? You are really ignorant." Chu song said this, once again began to peel off the four mirrors on Feng Xiaolong's body. She did not peel it off at one stroke, but cut it slowly, like a blunt knife. Feng Xiaolong tried to resist, but it didn't work. After begging or threatening didn't work, Feng Xiaolong simply closed his eyes and wanted to rely on his own strength to break through Chu's closure of his acupoint. Watch late-night welfare movies, please follow the WeChat official account: Movie Paradise The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 426 sister is your ancestor. , the fastest update to wear the female partner: villain BSS,smart board touch screen, the latest chapter of strong flirting! But Chu song has the memory of the host, which is equivalent to a person who lives again. She knows Feng Xiaolong well, but Feng Xiaolong can never understand her skills. hsdsmartboard.com

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