Forcing Marriage Step by Step: a Snatched Husband
by Doodeman

"Wen Man," she hurried over with a clean smile on her face, "do you know where the pool is?" Wen Man shook his head and said with some embarrassment, "I don't know, the water in the morning was brought back by Gu Ze, or I'll help you ask him?" "Yes," she said with a smile, "please, I'll wait for you here." Wen Man nodded. "Well, I'll be back soon." Wen Man turned back to his tent, but found that Gu Ze was not in the tent, she was a little puzzled, obviously he was still there when she came out? Did you take something from the car? She turned around and was about to look for him, but as soon as she turned around, she hit someone. Excuse me. She didn't even see anyone clearly and quickly apologized. As soon as I looked up, I saw Tang Ningnuan. She was a little embarrassed and smiled reluctantly. "Sorry, I didn't look at the road and hit you." Tang Ningnuan looked at her, Wen Man noticed that her eyes were a little different from usual,water filling machine, although still arrogant and alienated, but a little more contempt and disgust than before. Her heart tightened and she went to the side. Are you going to find Gu Ze? Tang Ning said warmly and lightly, "he just went to find the only way, maybe he had something to say to her." Do you have something to say? Wen Man bit his lip. "Do you know where the pool is?"? I want to ask him. Tang Ning glanced at her indifferently, "in the direction of east by south, you can see it if you walk 800 meters." Won't it take more than ten minutes to walk 800 meters? Wen Man did not doubt him, nodded and smiled,PET blow moulding machine, "Thank you." Then he turned and went in the direction of Tang Lele waiting for her. Tang Ning looked at her back, then turned around and went around to the back of the tent. She looked at the man with a calm face. "Is it really useful to do this?" Gu Ze smiled faintly, and the radian of his lips was very feminine. "Didn't you say that Tang Lele's sense of direction was not very good?" "Yes, only a little better than Lu Chi, far below ordinary people, but she is very vigilant and may not go far." "Wen Man can play the piano and draw, but in terms of numbers, or for example, north, south, east and west, left and right, she is easily confused." He lowered his head to wipe his fingers and said lightly, CSD filling line ,water bottle packaging machine, "What's your hurry? Now Zhan Moqian is watching Tang Lele very closely. It's normal that you don't succeed in the next time. Furthermore, that little woman is not a person to be trifled with." "Will you really help me," Tang Ning looked at him suspiciously and said coldly, "instead of taking this opportunity to make Mo Qian fall out with me completely?" Gu Ze's lazy smile, handsome and gentle eyebrows are very handsome, only those eyes occasionally flashing gloomy, "if I do so, you will not look at me again?" Tang Ningnuan's eyes were cold and arrogant. "You were able to climb to such a high position in such a short time because you married Wen Man and climbed to the Wen family. Don't you feel guilty about using her like this now?" Gu Zehao smiled carelessly, "Why do I need to feel guilty? Marrying her really brings me a lot of convenience. What she brings me most is money and power, which I can return to her countless times. As for love, since she can't give me love, I won't do it." He married Wen Man just because she was the most suitable, not because of love. Even a little more like what Tang Lele said in Ghost Castle, although it may not change the most direct outcome, but if it were not for her original caution, he might not have ended in such a bad way with Ning Nuan. Tang Ningnuan has nothing more, they are not suitable to stay here for too long, "well, I believe you for the time being, but Gu Ze, if you just want to sow dissension, then I also guarantee that all your thoughts are empty." She knows that Gu Ze this man is as careful as his heart is as deep as the sea, really playing tricks, she is not his opponent, but now. She needs his help. When Zhan Moqian came back, he found that Tang Lele was not waiting for him in the tent. In such a short time, where did she go?! With the experience of her disappearance twice in the ghost castle, Zhan Moqian is now worried about whether she has an accident again as soon as he doesn't see her figure.
The reason why he was so angry last night was that he woke up in the middle of the night and found her missing. He was scared out of a cold sweat. As a result, he went out and saw her chatting with Anbai there. Can he not be angry? Damn, did she go to Anbai again when he didn't look at her? Zhan Shao threw the bread and water in his hand into the tent and walked angrily in the direction of Anbai's tent. An Bai had just finished his breakfast and was cleaning up the dishes. As soon as he looked up, he saw Zhan Shao rushing over in a murderous manner. His expression was exactly the same as when he came to his room in Ghost Castle to catch adultery. Does he still want to beat him? "Where is Tang Lele?" Zhan Moqian's tall figure stood outside the tent and looked at him coldly. If he catches Tang Lele here again, he will kill the butterfly today. At the moment, Anbai was so angry that the man had beaten him in the face that he couldn't show a sneer now. "Is she your wife or mine?"? Every time she disappears, she comes to me to ask for someone. Why don't you just put her here and raise her? I promise I won't lose her. "Don't you think you got beaten up enough last night?" Zhan Moqian looked at him coldly and said impatiently, "is she here or not?" "Do you see any place to hide people here?" It's such a big tent. If Lele was here, could he not see it? Still here to talk nonsense with him, "how did she disappear again?"? Can you look at people or not? Tang Lele was not there, and Zhan Moqian was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, so he turned around and strode away. Where did the dead girl go again? There was a fire in Zhan Shao's heart. This time he found her and didn't teach her a good lesson. He wrote his name upside down! Zhan Shao circled around these tents twice, but did not see the shadow of Tang Lele, his face became more and more gloomy,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, so she could disappear in the desert? The longer the time.. His mind began to be anxious. In the distance, he saw the only way to discuss something with his photographer. He strode over, "Have you seen Tang Lele?" 。

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