Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...
by Doodeman

Ye Fan's body was shining, as if it was composed of ancient stars and star fields. He was killed dozens of times and was born out. His five realms were connected by stars and rivers, and finally he stepped out of his own way. It may not be perfect, but it has a rudiment that the past self blends with the Tao and gives birth to the Tao and the true self. Little by little, Ye Fan's body is like an infinite number of stars, he initially stepped out of his own way, all over the body, every drop of blood is like an ancient star of life. An ancient star, a kind of road. Melting all things, the furnace nourishes hundreds of classics, the body receives thousands of ways, and belongs to one furnace. This is my foundation and starting point. Ye Fan killed the past with one punch, but the nine big stars were disillusioned and all disappeared. His punch passed through the empty bodies of the nine emperors, and they disappeared. Days of plunder has not disappeared, the sea of thunder is still there, but the most terrible and dangerous moment has passed, Ye Fan led tens of millions of thunder and lightning into the body, they all refined. The tripod hung over his head, advancing and retreating with him. He ascended to the sky step by step and shouted softly, "Tao Qi!" With thunder and lightning as the guide, the Tao was engraved on the tripod. In front of Ye Fan's eyebrows, the tripod clanged and blended with him, and the two became one. He had high hopes for the tripod, and if his flesh and blood were ancient stars and stars, then the tripod would jump out. Ye Fan ascended to the sky, came to the deepest part of the sky, and entered a magnificent ancient building, which was also formed by lightning. Is this the ancient heaven? He stood in front of the Nantian Gate. Chapter one thousand and three Dao Cheng Ye Fan was silent for a while. Is there really an ancient heaven? What we see before us is magnificent and boundless. This is a huge architectural community, with carved railings and jade masonry, overlapping buildings, various flowers, birds, fish, insects, wind, rain, thunder and lightning carved on pavilions and pavilions, as well as the figures of ancient ancestors. The main palace towering into the sky, smoke slanting fog horizontal, giant Que forest, stacked like mountains, magnificent,12v High Torque Motor, can be described as uncanny workmanship. All of this is lightning, very stable, this is a kind of scenic spot, above the ancient buildings, lightning and thunder, surrounded by endless sea of thunder, violent churning, stirring nine days. This is a kind of miracle, boundless thunder, blazing lightning in the distance across, like a waterfall falling, and this building complex is always the same, not increasing or decreasing. As soon as Ye Fan stepped in, he wanted to see what was going on, but he never saw a human figure again, as if he had come to a piece of pure land, and the thunder seemed to have disappeared. Bang! Suddenly a palace exploded, drowning him below, and Ye Fan stepped out of all his pores. He continued to move forward, but every time he entered a palace, lightning would explode, small geared motors ,Vending Machine Motor, and all the ancient buildings would not allow him to get close to him. All of a sudden, the sky fell a Ruicai, the ancient buildings gushed out endless sweet springs, and there were thousands of clouds flying in the sky, and countless glittering flowers fell in the sky, which were made by thunder and lightning. See a kind of beheading vision again! He didn't grab it. It's just a wonderful scene. It's not a real sweet spring and divine flower. We need to take strict precautions. Every time he entered the Heavenly Palace, lightning would roar and the ancient palace would self-destruct, and the blazing light would become more and more intense. Ye Fan went all the way, and finally ascended to the sky, leaving the place suspected to be the ancient heaven. Instead of entering the deepest palace, he sank into the upper part of Leihai. "Dong!" Deafening thunder came, there was a big dragon pressure down, thousands of rising, and another kind of beheading vision appeared to drown him in the middle. Ye Fan was surprised and kept rising. With a bang, he was almost out of breath. A magnificent dragon mountain appeared. Ninety-nine dragon mountains appeared in the sky, which made him suffocate. They were all melted by lightning. Fortunately, they did not explode. They just stood here. This is also a kind of road mark. Ninety-nine dragon mountains have been to many ancient stars, which have been carved down by this starry road and manifested here. It seems unusual. And then, he said, "Could it be that Heaven really appeared on Earth and was recorded in the Tao?"? As Ye Fan continued to ascend the sky, he saw more and more wonderful scenes, and the beheading visions were also unpredictable. There were nine kinds before and after, but generally speaking, it was difficult to hurt him. After fighting against the nine young emperors, he had already passed the test. Finally, he came to the end, where he was under great pressure, and the chaos above was turbulent, and every lightning was entangled with chaos, which could destroy everything.
Ye Fan gasped, the deepest part of the day is really terrible, such lightning can definitely hurt him, mostly prepared for the saints. He watched quietly for a long time, and then did one thing, offering the tripod. This is his tool to prove the truth. Throw it into the chaos lightning and forge it! In this process, he used his heart as a knife to cast hundreds of ancient characters into the tripod, into the wall of the tripod, over and over again, tempered and cast in all kinds. This is the hundreds of ancient words from Longla's coffin. After such a long time, he still can't understand it. As a melting pot, he can't see through the shortest scripture. At this time, he carved it with his heart and cast it in the wall of the tripod. The Sutra did not appear in the world and disappeared again and again. However, he did not give up and cast it thousands of times. Chaotic lightning split, if not all things mother gas source root has already become plunder ash, nothing left, even if Ye Fan himself went in also have to open the flesh, can not hold on for a long time. Ye Fan has always been the same, casting a tripod under the chaotic sea of electricity, forging his own tool to prove the truth, hundreds of ancient characters have been transformed into him, and the tripod is getting closer and closer. Eventually, he almost exhausted his spirit and stopped when it was difficult to continue, hundreds of ancient words disappeared, and he did not care whether he disappeared or not. This tripod has such a supreme immortal in the process of tempering as fire, which is enough to be calcined! Tripod, only need to synchronize with him, slowly transformation, can not be accomplished overnight, with him is enough, is to prove the Tao. Ye Fan opened his heavenly eyes, and two torch-like rays of light penetrated into the chaotic sea of electricity. He looked startled and said, "What is on this chaotic sea of thunder?" It is a pity that the eye of heaven is also difficult to see through, only faintly sensed that there is a trace of the collapse of the ancient sky, which makes people tremble, inviolable, and awe. Strands of chaotic lightning, each falling like a vast sea,Micro Gear Motor, boundless, too difficult to break through, he did not take risks.

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