Unify the Three Kingdoms
by Pharrell

A moment later, Diao Chan came out and looked at it. He was surprised and admired, but did not know whether it was high or low. "When the general is able to accomplish great things," said Yun, "he will give her to the general." Bo sighed and said, "Who is Szeto Bo?"? A gentleman does not do what he expects to repay his kindness. Kuang Bo has traveled thousands of miles. Is what he wants beautiful? Forcing Diao Chan to take his seat, he worshipped him. The cicada fell to the ground in surprise, saying, "Why is the general like this? How can I be a concubine?" Bo said, "All the poor people in the world have their lives in your hands." Nai said to Yun, 'The man whom the thief Dong relies on is Lu Buer. Both of them are lascivious. We can marry Diao Chan to Lu Bu and offer him to Dong Zhuo. We can make Diao Chan turn against his father and son in the spy's circle and use Bu's hand to eradicate evil. What's the plan? Yun was overjoyed, saying, "This plan is just what I want."! Han sacrifice not beheaded, all out of the strength of the general also! "I just wronged Miss Diao Chan," said Bo. "Why did the general say that?" Said the cicada. Although the concubine female flow, also know righteousness. Although ten thousand dead, live up to the general's trust! My concubine is in my boudoir. I have heard that the general has broken the Yellow Turban and fought in the Tiger Prison, and his name is like a thunderbolt. I am lucky to have the honor to pay a visit to you. It is enough for me to have a wish in my life. But my life is so light that I have no chance to serve a gentleman. In this life, I am separated by the sea. May the general never forget me again. Look at it with your eyes, with infinite affection and tears. Seeing this, his heart shook and his spirit galloped. He hurriedly said, "The country is in peril, and all the men in the world are at a loss what to do. The girl, with her weak and charming body, has done this thing of great wisdom and courage. It is really a woman's ear through the ages!"! Bo has admired and worshipped since he was a child. The cicada laughed and said, "The general's words are so confusing. My concubine thinks she is much younger than the general. How can she tell me when she is young?" Bo regretted his slip of the tongue and covered it up, saying, "When a girl is a national beauty, how many men in the world do not pour out." Both the cicada and the cicada laugh. Bo took his leave and promised to get up and send it out. Said lyu3 bu4 in Changan, make people buy good horse everywhere. One day, someone told him, "I saw a white horse in the guest house yesterday. It was so handsome that it was comparable to the red rabbit of the general." When the cloth heard this, he didn't believe it,Inflatable water obstacle course, so he came to see it himself. To the guest house to see, the sky snow is also! Cloth is frightened by the sword, I do not know the height. For a long time he did not see Fang Bo. Fang Dingshen said to his followers, 'You may hurry back to the residence of the prime minister. Tell him that the traitor Fang Bo has entered Chang'an by himself. I want the Grand Master to come out of the residence of the prime minister. The whole city will be cordoned off and searched for him, and three hundred men will be sent here to help catch him. I order the soldiers guarding the city to close the four gates and not teach him to leave.' The follower flattered him, saying, "Why is Marquis Wen too cautious?"? With the general's courage, the world is unique, catch a rebel, Ann with three hundred people to help you? When Bu heard this, he was furious. He slapped him in the face and said, "What do you know?"? You can go quickly. The man hid his face and wanted to leave,inflatable floating water park, but the cloth called him back. His face was blue and red, and he gnashed his teeth, saying, "Three hundred men are too few. You can teach Gao Shun to bring five hundred men to help him. Go and return as soon as possible." Gone from the strange man. Bo from yunwang mansion back, into the guest house, is to lyu3 bu4, surprised, busy draw a sword in hand. Cloth drew his sword and then came to the phase, not a few together, shouts outside the guest house, all said to stop teaching Fang Bo. Bo shook a sword on the cloth, flew on the horse, and cut the border rope with the sword. Out of the guest house, see Seibel led five hundred steps to ride. Bo turned his horse's head and galloped on horseback. With a long hiss, the snow went away in a twinkling of an eye. Bo ran to the north gate, but saw that the gate was closed and the governor was not together. When he was in a hurry, he saw an army shouting. He turned his head to the south. In less than half a mile, Zhuo's army arrived again. He ran to the west again, shouting ShaSheng again. There was no way to heaven, and no way to the earth. Bo sighed and said, "Well, well, well!"! I have only myself to blame for my recklessness, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, and I will fight to the death! Before he had finished speaking, he heard a light laugh. "Come with me, silly boy!" Following the sound, on the roof ridge next to it, a woman fell from the sky, purple shirt like flowers, looks like heaven and man, does not reduce the beauty of Diao Chan. The woman in the purple shirt pointed to the east, smiled, and said, "Run from here to the east for a while. When you see a deep well at the door of a house, knock on the door. There is a man inside who can save you. Go quickly!"! "Hum, you dare to be a hero in the future and go into the tiger's den alone." "Who are you?" He exclaimed. "How could you …?" Will speak our language? Why are you standing so high? Your skirt is floating up and gone. Come down and have a chat! That woman all over the face bright red, spat, say: "Say you are a hero, not be ashamed of!"! Who likes to talk to you? Then he flew away, rising and falling in the roof, and disappeared in a twinkling. Boyuan looked at the beautiful shadow, and felt a great sense of loss in his heart.
(Fang Bo's voiceover: Wow, Meimei Chivalrous Woman fell from the sky, hanging a steel wire to make a movie? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! More exaggerated than what Jin Yong wrote!) Bo then ran out dozens of steps according to what he pointed out, and saw a house with a deep well in front of the door. Bo Ansi: "God, like a dream." He dismounted and knocked at the door. The door opened, out of a big fellow, five tufts of long beard, appearance is not vulgar, see Bo, face the color of surprise, please come in. Bo led the horse into, the Han closed the door, come over and worship, mouth called "master". Bo hurriedly asked, "Why do you call a strong man this way?" "Three nights in a row," said the man, "a fairy fell asleep. He told me, saying, 'I know that you have not been able to achieve your goal for a long time. Some day a young general will come to knock at your door. He is the man who has broken the Yellow Turban, Fang Ziyuan. He is the ruler of your true destiny, and you should help him.' I dare not neglect, then ask the tetrarch appearance, keep in mind, so know. Bo then asked, saying, "Is it possible that he is wearing a purple shirt?" He replied, "Yes, it is extremely beautiful." Bo was stunned. The Han was taught to tie the horse, please enter the upper seat. Bo asked his name. The Han said, "I was originally a native of Mayi at Yanmen. My surname was Zhang, and my given name was Liao, and my courtesy name was Wenyuan. Now I am under the command of the Marquis of Lv Wen." When Bo heard this, he was so frightened that he left his seat and bowed down, saying, "I didn't know it was Wen yuan just now, so I despised him. Don't blame me for offending him.". With Wen yuan's literary talent and military strategy, Qu Shi's lyu3 bu4 is really a pearl in the dark! Liao hurriedly returned the ceremony, saying, "I have heard for a long time that the master is courteous and virtuous, but now I look at him. People's words are not empty.". "Liao is willing to serve the pommel horse, and he will not refuse to die." I was overjoyed. Liao said, "Just now the prime minister's office ordered the whole city to search for the master.". Liao anxiously, today fortunately master unharmed. Night long dream, for Liao took out of the city, this will send the tetrarch out of the city. Liao is not small, today abandoned the humble abode with the tetrarch. "That's very good," said Bo. Zhang Liao took the warrant, two people on the horse and ran to the south gate. The gatekeeper stopped him, examined the warrant, and said, "Although it is necessary to guard against it, the Grand Master has ordered that no one riding a white horse should leave the city." Look at the blog with your eyes after you finish speaking. Liao Xuan said angrily, "The two of us have been ordered by Grand Master Jun to go out of the city on business. If you teach my companion to go back and change horses,Jumping castle with slide, he will miss a great event. Can you bear it?" Retreat sergeant, just go out. The sergeant heart know wrong, busy to know lyu3 bu4. joyshineinflatables.com

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