When a Personal Essay Gets Too Personal?
by jacquelynnorris123

A personal essay is a great opportunity to share interesting and unique moments of your life with the admissions committee. But many job seekers are understandably afraid to "look into the camera" and talk about personal things when they also need to try to impress. You can always avoid the personal topic and just pay someone to write my paper https://essaypay.com/, thereby also getting a new experience and a good grade. From now on, your story will be written for you and you won't have to be embarrassed. So, how detailed should the story be, and what should not be shared?

When I entered university, I wrote an essay about the difficult family circumstances in which I grew up. I remember how my friend warned me that the topic is too rich and risky. Then I stopped and thought: what did this experience teach me? Does he talk about my strengths and personal qualities, or does he belong in the therapist's office (or personal diary). I carefully re-read the essay to see if it really gave the reader an idea of ​​who I was or simply described members of my family. I focused on what these experiences have taught me and how the experience has made me a more independent and compassionate person. I submitted an essay and I was lucky: I received great reviews (some of the admissions committee even wrote me a personal message!). Therefore, in this case, the game was worth the candle. But there are certainly other situations worth considering.

Admissions committees always want to see interesting, talented candidates. They strive to assemble a team (probably everyone would like to assemble such a team) of a large group of smart, motivated, innovative, unique individuals who can bring something interesting to the school's multi-layered community. They need holistic people who can find a common language with others, diversifying life on campus in every possible way. In addition, they need stable, self-confident applicants who have already achieved something in their lives.

It would be a great idea to make a list of all your most important events in life. Which ones really changed you, made you who you are now?

Did you grow up abroad and have you learned several languages? Does your cultural environment set you apart from others? Perhaps you have a birth defect that has made you stronger? Maybe you're a board game pro or you're into Greek cuisine. Perhaps you won a barista or bartender competition and you can't see your life without these hobbies? 

After highlighting unique events, mark those that helped you find your path in life; those that helped to understand the values ​​​​and prioritize. Ask yourself: do they show me as an emotionally unstable, insecure, ambiguous person? If yes, then such events belong in the psychotherapist's office, and not in the selection committee - read full text! But if they made your essay stronger and wiser, be sure to include them.

A few tips:

- Honesty is above all (the selection committee feels exaggeration a mile away!).

- Explain as much as you need, but do not overdo it with unnecessary and uninteresting details.

- Humor is always welcome as long as it comes naturally. - Tell not only about the incident, but also about what it taught you and how you are going to use this knowledge.

- Give the essay to someone you trust.

 - Read the essay yourself. Does it describe you correctly? Can you be proud of what you wrote? Does it put you in a favorable light?

If yes, then go ahead! Be yourself. Be interesting. Tell the truth.

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Thanks, your advice is very helpful. It is always difficult for me to understand whether I am writing too much about personal things.

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