Phacoemulsification Surgery – Advantages & Disadvantages
by bhartieyefoundation

Phacoemulsification is a sort of contemporary cataract eye surgery. Cataract is a type of eye disease in which the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded, resulting in blurred, foggy, or impaired vision. Cataracts can only be treated surgically; no medication will assist. During phacoemulsification eye surgery, the clouded lens of the eye is fractured into small fragments and suctioned out of the eye. In place of the clouded lens, a clear artificial lens is utilized. This process enhances your vision by making it better, sharper, and more clear.

Benefits of phacoemulsification cataract eye surgery

  • There is no need for hospitalization following phacoemulsification cataract eye surgery.

  • Smaller incision

  • No bandage

  • No restrictions on typical daily activities

  • Faster recovery

  • Better vision outcome

The disadvantages of phacoemulsification cataract eye surgery include:

  • the surgery being extremely expensive;

  • the use of expensive technology and devices; and

  • the medical institution lacking surgical expertise and training.

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