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by hitroyapsa

We're headed for a recession (some would say we're already experiencing one, depending on where you are & what industry you're in) so you're likely to be looking for new ways to sustain & increase sales, and SEO is certainly a great way forward - the best way forward, in my experienced but of course biased opinion, for generating targeted traffic to websites.

Due to the financial climate, you're also likely to be watching your marketing budget very carefully - and as a result you will may well be looking for low cost SEO services.

While cheap is always preferential, especially in times like this when there is uncertainty & instability - the cheaper option is often not the best option, for a number of reasons, and this is especially true when it comes to SEO services.

Why Cheap SEO isn't the most effective SEO

Real SEO services are based on time & effort, as safe & effective SEO can not be automated - if it's cheap, it probably means it involves little actual human time.
If an SEO service does not involve much actual time & effort - then it may mean that simply very little work is being done, if any - or it may mean that short cut, automated tactics are being used - which at best could mean not much positive impact, but at worst could spell disaster!
SEO consultants & companies, offer a very valuable service - and earn well as a result of the value they provide. If a company can provide the valuable results that they're telling you they can - why would they offer them cheap?
The truth is - you just cannot offer real, safe & effective SEO services at budget prices, as it involves a lot of time & effort - starting with keyword & market research, on page optimization, backlinking, quality content creation - all of these are parts of an effective SEO service, and they all take time & effort.

If you're being offered a cheap SEO service, what you're probably being offered is one of or a combination of the following :

Search Engine Submission Service. Many of the cheap SEO packages are just search engine submission services, they will use software to automatically submit your website to hundreds of search engines. Completely pointless. Firstly you only really need to be concerned about the major search engines, the other hundreds of obscure search engines are just not going to bring targeted traffic. Secondly, you do NOT need to submit your site to any search engine. Your website will end up being indexed via the backlinks that are gained for you by an SEO consultant, the better quality the backlink, the quicker your site is likely to be indexed on the major search engines.
Automated SEO services. These are risky, shortcut orientated approaches which will not work for long, if they work at all. they're risky because many search engines (especially Google) do not like cheats & shortcuts, and may penalise your website once they discover the shortcut being used - in some cases they will remove the website from the search engine completely!
Other quick fix cheats & shortcuts. There are many quite well known tricks & cheats that used to work slightly & temporarily. In most cases these shortcuts I'm referring to just aren't effective any more - but, this will not stop the search engines from penalising for it, or even de-indexing your website if they discover that you're using one of these tactics, which will be mentioned in the search engines terms of service.
If you spend £99 (for example) on SEO, this may seem cheap - and you may be under the impression "oh well it's only a hundred quid, worth a punt, if it doesn't work nothing lost" but this may not be the case. If a website that you have already spent hundreds, or even thousands (including taking into account your time & effort invested) ends up being penalised by the major search engines - or even de-indexed, then cheap SEO could work out to be very expensive indeed!

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