How to log into Venmo on another device?
by hoydaseydo

You must register for a Venmo Login account in order to enjoy the service's features. Even if you don't have a cellphone number, you can still create an account with Venmo. When creating an account with Venmo, you will receive a $10 incentive. You can use Facebook, PayPal, your phone number, or neither to log into Venmo with the help of my blog.

If you have a bank or card linked to your Venmo account, you may be able to complete authentication by verifying your financial information. If this option is available to you, follow the prompts in the app by tapping "Other options to confirm your identity" (this backup option is not available for all users).

After successfully signing in, you may grant Venmo permission to remember the device by tapping "Remember Device". When you sign in on that device in the future, you may not need a code to confirm your identity.

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