The Complete Manual For Installing A Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer
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The Japanese company Canon is renowned for producing imaging equipment. A variety of printer hardware is produced by Canon. A Canon MG3620 inkjet printer is available for home use. By wi-fi-connecting your Canon Pixma printer, you can share it with other home appliances. To Canon Printer Mg3620 Setup wifi, use the WPS method. Although it is somewhat lengthy, a standard connection can be made to the printer. If you can see the router's actual WPS pin, you don't need to utilise the traditional method. Thanks to your WPS, the Canon MG3620 may connect to wifi directly.

How do I use wifi to connect my Canon MG3620 printer?

To utilise WPS to Canon Pixma Mg3620 Connect To Wifi, check your router's specifications. It needs to be WPA-secured and provide a genuine WPS pin. Including the printer in a secure network ensures that only reliable users can access it. Prior to setting up the network, the Canon printer needs to be configured for Wi-Fi.

  • Press the Canon device's Wi-Fi button.

  • Choose Device settings on the Canon printer settings page.

  • Using the arrow keys, navigate to the Network options.

  • When launching the LAN settings, select Wireless LAN settings.

  • The Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will blink in order to scan the network.

If the printer cannot establish a network connection, press the Stop button and then choose Wireless LAN settings. The Wi-Fi network will show up when you click OK. If your printer finds the network, enter the WPS password and click OK. The correct password must be supplied in order for the Canon Pixma MG3620 wifi setup to be complete. When your network is open, no password request will be made. Another open network could be joined by a printer. After the Canon Pixma MG3620 connects through wifi, inspect the network. To verify the connected network, print the network setup page. Users can simply print that page by continually pushing the Cancel button on their Canon printer until it flashes 15 times. The SSID and connection status must now be determined by looking at the printout. After making sure that all the details required to connect the Canon MG3620 to wifi are correct, you can begin installing the driver.

How to Install the Driver for a Canon MG3620

Once a network connection has been made, any device can be linked to the printer. But, in order to connect to the printer, a driver is required. Thanks to the communication created by this printer software, the printer can receive the print task. To set up, go to the Canon website. After the application has been installed, locate the printer on the computer. After choosing the Canon printer name, send the print command. After loading the documents, print them out.

Use the standard printer attachment technique.

If your connection disallows WPS, go with a standard one. Get the Canon programme for this method. Now run the application, then configure the printer.

  • Click Next on the Canon's welcome page.

  • Under "connection technique," choose "Wireless LAN connection."

  • At this point, the user must select Access Point Suggested.

  • The Canon programme is now looking for the previously connected printers.

  • Choose Not Found.

  • The fitting of the Canon will start.

  • Once you've selected Cableless Setup, activate the Wi-Fi symbol.

  • The installation utility will appear.

  • On the area wizard, select the right area.

  • Choose your tongue and nation. Select Yes in the EULA wizard's next option for adding software.

  • The Canon initiative will start.

After connecting the printer, the computer will display the SSID screen. Execute the printhead alignment command at this point. Finally, connect the printer by clicking the Exit button.

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