The way Canon Printer Offline Issue Fix
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The Canon Printer Offline Issue is a common issue which is faced by all users. Canon Prter offline issue in Mac OS X Server can be fixed through following steps Canon Printer Offline Issue Fix is a kind of software that helps you to solve the problem of Canon printer offline. This is one of the most common problems that every user faces at some point in their life, especially when they are trying to print something from their computer or laptop but there is no internet connection available. In this case, we will tell you how to fix it quickly with help from this tool.

How To Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue?

This problem occurs when your printer gets disconnected from its network connection so that it cannot find any new data and hence cannot send them out through its port which leads to errors like “Communication error” and others which can only be solved by using our solution Canon Printer Offline Fix for all kinds of such issues related with printers

  • Check the printer's network connection.

  • Check the printer's internet connectivity.

  • Check if your printer is connected to a computer, operating system or server on your network.

Ways To Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue in Mac OS

  • Reboot the server.

  • Restart the server using sudo.

  • Restart the server using Terminal (Mac OS X).

  • In Terminal (Mac OS X), enter “sudo shutdown -r now” and press Enter to force a reboot of your router, which will also affect your printer if it's connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi . You can also use this command if you want to turn off your printer without forcing a full shutdown: “sudo poweroff” instead of "shutdown".

Reload The Server After Restarting Mac OS X Server

In order to reload the server, you need to restart it in Mac OS X. The following steps will help you do so: Open System Preferences > Sharing > Printer & Scanners. Select the printer that you want to restart and click on 'Restart' button at top right corner of window (see image).

Open Terminal And Run Following Commands In Mac OS X Terminal

  • Open Terminal And Run Following Commands In Mac OS X Terminal

  • To do that, you need to open Terminal and type following commands:

  • sudo pkill -a printer-service && sudo pkill -9 printer-service

  • Press Enter after each command.

Shut Down The Server Directory Structure And Run Following Commands

Shut Down The Server Directory Structure And Run Following Commands Type following commands in terminal to shut down the server directory structure and restart it: cd /etc/cups; for i in {1..10}; do sudo service cups stop sleep 15; done

Now run following command to restart your printer: echo $TTY | sudo tee /etc/initctl ; sudo service cups start

If you are facing a Canon Printer Offline Issue on Mac then try following solutions

  • Reload the server: Press Command + R keys together to reload the printer driver. This can be done via the Control Panel > Print & Fax > Printers > right-click on your printer and select Reload Driver.

  • Open terminal and run following commands: Type open terminal at the command prompt, press Enter key and enter any of these commands one by one:

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