WaterHog Mats - The Must-Have for Pet Owners
by conrad

No matter if you own one or several dogs, every home should contain certain essential items for pet ownership. These products help ensure a clean, organized and fur-free home environment.
Mats Are an Essential Component of Pet Owners
A mat can help keep your floors free of debris while providing essential protection from moisture, snow and mildew damage.
Consider your space's level of traffic when choosing a mat, as well as any special features you require. For instance, if there are high traffic areas or multiple pets within one room that requires extra surface material and high absorbency levels.
Choose a Waterhog Mat That Suits Your Space
There are various Waterhog mats to suit different spaces and environments, each offering unique benefits and features. You can grab one from ultimate mats as per your liking. Most commonly seen is the Classic Waterhog mat which traps dirt and moisture in a raised square or diamond pattern; other choices may include the Waterhog Eco mat which uses recycled materials as an eco-friendly option.
Choose a mat that offers more flair, like the Waterhog Fashion mat which comes in various colors and patterns for added visual interest in any space. They provide an instant splash of color!
Mats for Your Dog's Water Bowl and Placemat If your pup drinks from a water bowl, adding a mat beneath it to help catch any spilled liquid can prevent it from spilling onto your floors and creating an unsightly mess. This step is especially helpful if your canine likes drinking out of her corner of her mouth without wiping her lips clean afterwards!
The best dog water mats will hold up to one gallon per square yard and will be constructed of durable yet quick drying polypropylene material for rapid drying times and easy wiping clean-up.
These mats come in an assortment of decorative styles and designs, such as holiday-inspired patterns or messages to welcome your guests during the holidays and keep mud off floors during spring! It is an effective way to provide guests with a warm greeting or simply keep floors free from dirt.
Pet Toys
Your pup likely has plenty of toys - it's undeniable. But to avoid your house becoming an actual store for those toys, after she has had enough fun playtime you should pick up her toys once she is finished and store them away into an easily-accessible basket or bin for easy organization and management while still looking adorable on the floor.
If you own multiple dogs, investing in an extra mat for their play area could be worthwhile. When making this purchase, ensure it features non-slip backing to protect their safety as well as machine washing capabilities for easier cleanup.

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