How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error C=272?
by williams042

Data recovery error code C=272 is noticed when running the Verify and Rebuild tool or while accessing the memorized report in QuickBooks. This could be caused due to data damage, corruption in Company files, damaged memorized report, incorrect QuickBooks installation, including other causes. To get to the bottom and fix QuickBooks Error C=272, read the full length of this article.

Main causes of QuickBooks Error C=272
Some of the noticeable causes in most cases are:
• There may be some Data damage.
• The ‘verify or rebuild date set’ on a target 'Bit set' is beyond the range.
• Damaged memorized report.
• Transferring the memorized reports from some other QB version.
• Incomplete installation of QuickBooks could also evoke this error.


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