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I am a dog walker! And the unconditional love & cheerfulness of my furry friends inspires me to look for ways to spread smiles.

I got this coin as a gift in Lebanon Oregon. We moved to Portland Oregon and hid the coin at a park for someone to find and hopefully get a little joy from it!

I found this coin at Goodwill in Lincoln City, OR. I was just killing some time looking around and saw the coin in the jewelry case. When I bought the coin for my youngest daughter and my granddaughter. The butterfly has a special meaning for them. It wasn't until I showed my husband the coin that I read it and found my way to this sight.

Habitat for Humanity sponsored a gingerbread house contest which was displayed in the Parkside Hotel on Humboldt St in Victoria B.C. I am visiting from Portland, OR & really enjoyed seeing all the gingerbread creations. I slipped this coin into the envelope with my donation to Habitat in hopes it will be received by a terrific Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

I left this coin in a Little Free Library on the corner of Superior st. & Montreal St in Victoria, B.C. I love little free libraries and the people who stock them!
December 17, 2019

Around March 14 I gave this coin to the barista working at the Blue Star donut shop in the Mississippi street neighborhood of Portland, OR.

I first heard about Butterfly coins through the book crossing website, so when a fellow bookcrosser asked for one of the books I'd registered, it seemed like a good opportunity to share a butterfly coin as well. This coin is traveling by mail from Portland, Oregon to Lexington, South Carolina. From there I hope it will have an interesting and varied journey spreading good feelings.

I received an unexpected & very thoughtful holiday gift from this kind Portland family. I left this coin for them with my thank you note because they seemed likely to pass the coin on with another act of kindness.

I was walking in my neighborhood and noticed my neighbor's little free library was almost empty. So, today I restocked it with an emphasis on children's books. I left this coin along with a note hoping some one who appreciates this little library will choose to take the coin & pass it on. (Portland, Oregon)

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Hi! I’d love for one of my random acts of kindness to be sharing one of my coins with you. If you can send me your address, i’d Mail it to you. My email is

I learned about little free pantries from your post. Today I converted part of my little free library into a pantry. I had been feeling discouraged by people taking all the books to sell, and I didn’t like getting into a negative mind set over something that’s supposed to be “no strings attached.” Especially since I know that probably, anyone taking books to sell probably really needs the money. Getting the idea (from you) to put food & toiletries out with the books has really helped turn a negative into a positive. And the neighbor I talked to about it today is also excited & promised to add to my pantry.

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So, I've been all over the site trying to figure out how to log/track my coins. When you say enter the coins tracking number from the home page, do you mean where it says "did you receive a coin"? That's the only place I see for entering the coins number, but I interpreted it to be for people who receive them along with an act of kindness, not for the original purchaser...I'm a bit confused. I see people entering info on the "stories" page but for some reason I don't even seem to be able to start a new thread there.

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I'm still not finding it very easy to log a "release" story about a specific coin. There's a very clear prompt to enter the coin number if one receives a coin; maybe I'm just clueless but the process to log about giving one away seems opaque.

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Love your username! When I was a kid, I had a hamster named “Oogledorf”.

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